25 Magical Tooth Fairy Traditions

You helped your kids when they were teething. You’ve helped them care for their baby teeth. Now, they’ve got a loose tooth. What are you going to do now?

Create magical Tooth Fairy traditions with some of the fun suggestions here!

These magical tooth fairy traditions are so clever! Start new traditions and make awesome memories with your kids!

Magical Tooth Fairy Traditions

Put a fairy door in your child’s room –
These little doors are a cute way to explain to your child how the Tooth Fairy gets into the house. You can either buy one that’s already painted from sellers on Etsy, or you can pick up a little wooden door from a craft shop. Paint it your child’s favorite color and on the inside, add a beautiful nature scene. This is the magical fairy realm, and the Tooth Fairy only comes through the door when she knows someone’s lost a tooth.

If you don’t want to make one of your own, you can order them online. The doors below can be found on Amazon. I ordered some last year from Pick Your Plum (an online boutique store).

Mud Pie Tooth Fairy Door Gift Set Girl, PinkThe Irish Fairy Door Company - Red Arched Door - Includes Magic Key in a Bottle, 3 Stepping Stones, Fairy Lease Agreement, Notepad, and Fairy Welcome GuideAqua Fairy Door by Wildflower Toys

Have a special item to keep your child’s tooth in –
With some basic crafting skills and a few supplies, you can make a tiny sewn bag, a felt envelope, a paper box or even a tray made from clay – any of which can be decorated for this special occasion.

Whenever your child loses a tooth, have them put the tooth inside the container. Then leave it under your child’s pillow (or on the window sill) for the Tooth Fairy to find.

This Twinkle Toof Tooth not only keeps baby teeth safe, but it glows in the dark so the Tooth Fairy can find it.

Little Boy's Blue Tooth Fairy Pillow by Almas DesignsMud Pie Knit Tooth Pillow, PinkMud Pie Little Girl Mini Tooth Fairy BunnyGirl's Tooth Fairy Pillow in Chevron Print CottonMaison Chic Bruce the Shark Tooth Fairy Plush

Leave a note and/or receipt from the Tooth Fairy
There are some seriously cute free Tooth Fairy printables on Pinterest, that can add to the magic feeling of losing a tooth. Leave a receipt for the picked up tooth or a little thank you note from the fairy herself!

Here’s a fun page on which you can write a note from the Tooth Fairy. Click on the image to download instantly.

Instant Download! Leave your little one a note from the Tooth Fairy! | homeschoolpreschool.net

Leave fairy footprints
Sprinkle a little glitter on a table, window sill, or dresser and make little marks that could be the Tooth Fairy’s footprints. More proof that she was actually there!

However, if you don’t want the mess of glittery footprints, she could leave behind a “fairy dust” pendant.

Make the money the Tooth Fairy leaves, extra special
There’s nothing wrong with just leaving a plain dollar bill or some quarters under your child’s pillow, but we want magical! You can often find cheap glitter hair spray in the store. Use it to spray a bit on the dollar to give it that fairy sparkle.

Another option for sparkles is get a tooth shaped stamp, and stamp a thin layer of glue on the bill and add some fine glitter to it. Be sure to do either of these ahead of time, so they’re not damp or smelly when trying to sneak them into the room.

You can also try your hand at some simple dollar bill origami. Waking up finding a dollar from the Tooth Fairy is exciting, but it’s even cooler when it’s shaped like a frog, kitten, or puppy!

She could leave a Tooth Fairy Basket –

Go big for your little’s first lost tooth by making a Tooth Fairy Basket. Fill it with a new book, new toothpaste and a toothbrush. All things to make that first lost tooth even more exciting!

When your children are this young, everything is special and new and magical. Have fun creating your own Tooth Fairy traditions and watch your children’s eyes light up, whenever they lose a tooth.

It’s your turn…

How do you make losing a tooth a magical moment in your house? 

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