Counting Spider Eyes Spider Math Activity

Practice counting to ten with this “Counting Spooky Spider Eyes” hands-on spider math activity. Perfect for preschool Halloween and spider units.

Well, it’s fall, and you know what that means… all the wonderful fall holidays are coming up. Starting with one of my girl’s most favorite – Halloween!

There are so many really fun Halloween learning activities you can do.Today, I’m going to share one of my all time favorites.

Practice counting to ten with this "Counting Spooky Spider Eyes" hands-on spider math activity. Perfect for preschool Halloween and spider units.

This “Counting Spooky Spider Eyes” activity is sure to keep your kids learning and having fun!

Spider Math Activity

I love how this activity gets kids moving while they practice counting from one to ten (or higher if your kids are ready for it)! This is the perfect preschool math activity for October!

What You’ll Need

• contact paper

• black marker

• painters tape

• google eyes

What You’ll Do

The first thing I did was cut a long piece of contact paper and take off the backing. Be careful when you do this so the contact paper doesn’t stick to itself. Trust me! I went through a few pieces before I got the hang of it.

Tape the contact paper to the wall with the painters’ tape. After that, I drew some spiders on the contact paper with the black marker, and wrote numbers on the body of the spiders.

I chose some random numbers that Grace needs help recognizing.  That’s one of the best things about this activity. You can have your child practice any numbers you want.

I then put a bunch of google eyes in a bowl and showed Grace the activity. We went over the numbers first before I let her go. She had to stick the google eyes onto each spider’s face to match the number on each spider’s body.

How did my daughter do with this activity?

Grace loved this math activity for preschoolers so much. When she first saw it, I thought she was going to jump right out of her pants she was so excited.

At first, she just wanted to give each spider just two eyes. I had to explain to her that these spiders were spooky and had more than just two eyes. After we talked about it, she was super excited to make each spider really spooky with all the eyes.

What did she learn during this activity?

• Number recognition

• Counting

• Fine Motor Skills

• Problem solving skills

• Following directions

This hands-on Halloween math activity for preschool is such a fun activity to do. It really focuses on number recognition, counting and fine motor skills.  Grab your kids, and have a spooky good time with this fun counting activity today!

Practice counting to ten with this "Counting Spooky Spider Eyes" hands-on spider math activity. Perfect for preschool Halloween and spider units.

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