Learning is more fun when it’s hands-on. Ditch the worksheets and engage your young learners with this collection of over 100 hands on preschool activities!

I had one child who loved workbooks, lapbooks, and printables of all kinds. My other two, however, would whine and cry anytime I put a sheet of paper in front of them.

So, I was always on the hunt for hands on activities for preschoolers to introduce and reinforce learning skills.

hands-on-activities-for-preschoolers Hands-On Preschool Activities

If you’ve got a hands-on kid like mine, this amazing collection of preschool activities is just what you need to homeschool your preschoolers without worksheets and tears. 

Hands-On Preschool Activities

Scroll down to explore this growing collection of hands-on ideas for teaching math, science, and literacy.

Hands-On Preschool Activities

PIN-1 Hands-On Preschool Activities

Hands-On Science Activities

Pin-2-1 Hands-On Preschool Activities

Hands-On Literacy Activities

Pin-3 Hands-On Preschool Activities

Hands-On Preschool Activities for the Holidays

What is your favorite hands on activity for preschoolers?

Leave me a message and let me know. And, as always, if you’re looking for something specific, please let me know.