Read to Your Preschooler Every Day

It’s important to read to your preschooler every day. Inspire their imaginations, encourage their passions, and more.

I am a bookworm, and I’m so thankful that my kids are, too. When I was pregnant, I read to my belly every night.

After my husband went to work,I’d grab a Winnie-the-Pooh storybook (with my oldest) and start reading. During those months, I’d try to read at least one or two books each day to my growing belly.

Once my babies were born, I would read as I rocked them each day. As they got older, we would snuggle up and read every night at bedtime (and often periodically throughout the day).

Read to Your Preschooler Every Day

Books have a way of transporting us to places we wouldn’t visit in our real lives. They inspire us to imagine life as a pirate or a farm girl on a prairie out west.

Nonfiction books are a great resource for learning more about our passions. Books of all kinds make learning new things a little more interesting.

Reading books inspires imagination. 

Kids can step into the pages of a great book and imagine they are there. They can travel to faraway places, or eavesdrop on conversations between talking animals.

They can become their favorite superhero and help save the day. When you see your little ones acting out a favorite story with their friends or toys, you’ll know you’ve introduced them to some great books.

Reading books builds vocabulary. 

When you read to your children, you’ll help them build their vocabulary. They’ll learn the names of dinosaurs or construction vehicles or garden flowers when you read informational books.

Read books that are a little advanced, and you’ll introduce them to some brand new words. It’s so amazing hearing our little ones pick up new “big” words they’ve heard in the stories we’ve read to them.

Reading books encourages kids to explore their interests. 

My youngest is an animal lover, and she always has been. We have read countless books about dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and any other animal she can find books about. She checks out books about animals every time we go to the library both fiction and nonfiction.

Her current passion is learning to make homemade dog and cat treats. I love that I was able to help foster her love for animals with great books when she was little.

Reading to your preschoolers builds relationships. 

Lying in bed with your little one or snuggling up on the couch, creates a bond. My kids looked forward to snuggling with me or with dad as much as they enjoyed the books we read.

And, you know what? My husband, who is not a reader at all, looked forward to snuggling with the kids to read to them.

Reading to your little ones can foster a love of reading in them. 

Hopefully, reading aloud to your little ones will foster a lifelong love of reading. I can’t imagine a life without books.

I love filling my bookshelves with great reading selections, and I am so thankful that my kids do, too.

What does read-aloud time look like in your house?

What Should You Read?

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