How to Enjoy Life with Preschoolers

Come discover three simple ways to enjoy life with preschoolers – even on their most trying days. With a little shift in your perspective, you can make the most of these few short years.

Preschoolers stall, whine, and are underfoot making it hard to enjoy this age. At the same time, these small kids are enthusiastic, curious, and always willing to help mommy. With a few adjustments to your day, you’ll find you enjoy life with a preschooler in your home!

Discover 3 simple ways to enjoy life with preschoolers - even on their most trying days. With a shift in perspective, you can make the most of these years.

3 Tips to Enjoy Life with Preschoolers

1. Allow Enough Time

Preschoolers take forever to do anything. They’ve only just learned to button shirts, get dressed, and pull on their socks. They long to be independent!

Even errands take forever. You need to strap the kids into the car, allow enough time to gather coats and supplies, and deal with distractions such as worms crawling across the driveway.

The trick is to allow extra time into your schedule. If it should take five minutes to get everyone out the door, plan fifteen minutes. Five minutes to get yourself ready to go and ten minutes to help your child get ready. Teach your child to put on their coat, put on their shoes, gather supplies, and meet you by the door.

And when you’re planning events, do not plan events back to back. Your preschooler will derail your plans by chatting with a friend or watching the worm crawling across the driveway.

Give yourself enough time to deal patiently with your preschooler!

2. Do Chores Together

No other age is so enthusiastic about helping mommy with chores. Your older kids will moan and groan. Teenagers will hide. Preschoolers, on the other hand, will beg to help.

So encourage your preschoolers to help! They can wipe tables, dry cups, put away silverware, and run laundry to the appropriate room. Your preschooler can stir the batter, watch the baby, and pick up sticks in the yard.

You’ll be amazed at how much your preschoolers are capable of doing when you allow them to help you with your chores.

And as an added benefit, when preschoolers help with the chores… they’re not getting into trouble!

Come discover three simple ways to enjoy life with your preschoolers - even on their most trying days.

3. Treat the Everyday as Special

Have you noticed how everything is new and special when you have a preschooler?

My preschoolers adored going to the grocery store with me. They’d ride in the cart decorated like a police car, get a cookie by the bakery, and enjoy time with mom. A trip to the grocery store was better than a trip to the amusement park!

As you’re living your day with your preschoolers, treat the ordinary as special. Pour the syrup to make faces on their pancakes. Read special books at the library. Curl up together with cookies and hot chocolate, and read your favorite picture books together.

Aim to treat one ordinary event as a special event each day.

You’ll find that scheduling enough time for your preschooler to keep up with you, doing chores together, and treating each day as special will allow you enjoy life with preschoolers!

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