5 Ways to Turn a Bad Preschool Day Around

Sometimes preschoolers wake up in a foul mood. They stomp. They grumble. And you can’t do anything right.

Instead of dealing with endless tantrums, try one of these tips to turn a bad preschool day around.

bad-preschool-day 5 Ways to Turn a Bad Preschool Day Around

5 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around

1. Take a Walk

Sometimes the air in the house gets stuffy and everyone needs some fresh air. So take a walk around the neighborhood. Spend a few minutes at the park playing. Head to a local trail, and spend the afternoon exploring.

How you get outside and what you do isn’t important. What matters is heading out to spend some time in the fresh air.

Everyone will feel better after you’ve spent time outside.

2. Take a Break

When the kids grumble, fight, and are miserable, have everyone take a break. Send each child to a separate room. There they can play quietly, look at books, or listen to audiobooks. You can take a few minutes to sit, relax, and enjoy a hot cup of tea.

Taking a break will allow everyone, you and your children, time to calm down and be pleasant again.

3. Enjoy a Fun Activity

Kids often end up in foul moods when they need a change of pace. Now a change of pace doesn’t mean you have to head out to the local amusement park. It can mean doing something different at home!

So pull out busy bags, make play dough together, or set up a tent in the living room. Print off some fun printables to complete with your kids.

bad-prek-day 5 Ways to Turn a Bad Preschool Day Around

4. Movies and Popcorn

There’s something magical about movies and popcorn. No matter how bad the day has been, a good movie and popcorn will turn the day around!

So when you’re at your last straw, pop popcorn and choose a good family movie to watch with your kids. You’ll love the tantrum free time, and your kids will have the chance to relax and settle down.

5. Tea Time

Tea time with mommy is a magical time for children. Brew some tea. I love sharing herbal teas like peppermint or chamomile tea with my kids. Pull out cookies or crackers to nibble on as you eat.

And pull out the nice (but not too nice) tea set for the tea time. Preschoolers love sitting down with mommy and enjoy a fancy tea party. If you want, you can even include a few favorite stuffed animals.

No one is immune to bad days, not even preschoolers. So the next time your little one is stomping around the house in a tantrum, try one of these easy methods to turn the day around.

What is your favorite way to turn around a bad preschool day?

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