Learning Through Play

Young children can develop many important skills through play. Discover four important benefits of learning through play for early childhood development.

Children learn through playing. Play is essential for the proper development of a child. What types of things encourage learning through play?

Let’s explore some of the benefits of learning through play that preschool moms and teachers should consider when planning their days.

Young children can develop many important skills through play. Discover four important benefits of learning through play for early childhood development.

Benefits of Learning Through Play

There are various forms of play. There are many great technological toys and games kids can use to learn and reinforce skills.

Open-ended play – the kid that encourages kids to use their imagination – is so much more beneficial.

Early Start

It is important to start implementing developmentally-appropriate play techniques from an early age. Babies rely solely on their senses and are attracted to anything which is pleasing to their taste, sound or vision.

For this reason, rattles, teething toys and stuffed animals are a great choice for really young children. These toys satisfy babies’ urges and also help them develop their sensory and motor skills.

Learning Process

Of course, children, especially when they are still quite young, can learn about their surroundings from their toys. Children acquire a basic knowledge about letters, sounds, colors or numbers while getting acquainted with the tangibility of materials, gravity, time and space.

These learning tools should be age appropriate and suitable for your child.

Another great thing about playing is the fact that it enables children to express their imaginative and creative sides. It also offers them an opportunity to become more meticulous and organized by making toy collections of blocks, Legos, puzzles, etc.

Household Items

When it comes to a child’s skill development, the objects they use in their everyday life can be quite useful. Refrigerator magnets, heart-shaped pasta, pots, pans and other cookery could greatly contribute to role-playing, art projects and other spheres of development.

Other items that could be very useful in a child’s development are educational rugs with letters, numbers, or geographical terms. Chalkboard walls and reading nooks enable children to expand their horizons and express their creativity in the best possible way.

Computers as Learning Tools

Apart from toys, technology and computers have a lot of influence on children  these days. Of course, like almost everything, computers can also have both a positive and a negative influence on children.

This is why parents should teach their children to use technology in a proper way. Too much screen time without any parental control are known to become antisocial, unorganized and irresponsible.

However, if used correctly, computers can significantly aid children in their development. For instance, there are fantastic games that enable children to practice calculating, writing and problem solving. There are games are designed especially to boost their logical thinking, memory and focus skills.

Children are visual and creative beings. They need movement, excitement and items that will constantly challenge them.

Enabling them access to a proper set of toys will significantly improve their will to work on themselves, learn, play and develop in a healthy way.

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