Introduce your preschoolers to many different scientific topics with this growing collection of preschool science activities, books, and printables.

Preschool science is fun and engaging! It doesn’t have to be intimidating and difficult to teach. The goal is to plant seeds of knowledge for future lessons.

You can plant these seeds with books, printables, crafts, and hands-on activities and experiments.

Introduce your preschoolers to many different scientific topics with this growing collection of preschool science activities, books, and printables.

Check back often. I’ll update this page each time I publish a new science-related post. I want this page to become your go-to preschool science resource!

Preschool Science Activities and Printables

I love teaching preschool science! It’s so exciting to see their little eyes light up as they watch science come to life.

Science Art Activities for Preschoolers

Frog Life Cycle Candy Science Craft – Follow this simple tutorial to make a frog life cycle candy science craft! Bring science to life with this fun, educational activity.

Butterfly Life Cycle Paper Plate Craft – It’s spring! It’s a great time to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. This spring craft for kids will help kids visualize the butterfly life cycle.

Preschool Science Worksheets and Printables

• Sea Turtle Life Cycle Unit Study – Studying marine life is exciting for kids! If your preschoolers are interested in sea turtles, it might be time for a sea turtle life cycle unit study!

Space-Themed Writing Prompts – These space themed writing prompts are designed for emergent writers. The simple preschool writing prompts will give new writers confidence. They are out of this world!

Weather Worksheets for Preschoolers – Check out these FREE weather worksheets for preschool. They will help little ones learn colors, ABCs, and beginner math. They’re perfect for summer learning!

Spring and summer are the perfect time of year to study dragonflies. This pack of dragonfly life cycle worksheets features 20 hands-on activities!

Introduce your preschoolers to many different scientific topics with this growing collection of preschool science activities, books, and printables.

Preschool Science Books

• 24 Wonderful Picture Books About Weather – 24 picture books about weather! Use these books to teach about all the different types of weather with fun stories and nonfiction books.

20+ of the Most Fantastic Frog Books for Kids – Get your preschoolers excited about amphibians with these frog books for kids. Whether you are exploring the life cycle of a frog or enjoying silly frog story books, pique your little ones’ interest with these.

18 Picture Books About Rain – Spring showers bring new life to the world around us. Sometimes, though, kids can be afraid of rain and storms. Pique their interest and calm their fears with this collection of books about rain.

15 of Our Favorite Picture Books About Bees – Spring has sprung! Celebrate spring with a basket full of picture books about bees! Here are 15 suggestions to get you started.

Nonfiction Spring Books for Preschoolers – Introduce your preschoolers to the science behind spring with this collection of nonfiction spring books for preschoolers. From weather to flowers and everything in between, your little ones will love learning about spring!

18 Engaging Sea Turtle Books for Kids – Sea turtles are amazing creatures. These fiction and nonfiction sea turtle books will introduce kids to these amazing sea creatures!

Introduce your little ones to scientific topics, the scientific method, and famous scientists with this collection of science books for preschoolers.

Science Activities for Kids

• Ocean-Themed Skittles Candy Science Experiment – Summer science at its finest! You don’t want to miss this ocean-themed Skittles candy science experiment. Your kids will beg to do it again and again.

• 5 Simple Summer Science Experiments for Kids – Combat summer boredom with five simple science experiments for kids. They’re perfect for summer, and they’re engaging for preschoolers and big kids alike.

20 Spring STEM Activities for Preschoolers – Introduce springtime STEM into your homeschool preschool lessons with this amazing collection of 20 STEM activities for kids.

• 22 Ideas for Gardening with Kids This Spring – There are so many benefits to gardening with kids. With this amazing collection of ideas and activities, your kids can learn about plants, try new foods, and tend their own garden spots.

How to Prepare for a Preschool Nature Walk – Do your preschoolers love being outdoors? Do they love exploring nature? If so, they’re sure to love taking a nature walk with you. Don’t forget to print out your scavenger hunts before you go.

Kids’ Science Experiments in a Jar – Engage your preschoolers this summer with one or more of these jar science experiments! Easy science experiments for young learners!

How to Make Frozen Sidewalk Chalk – Follow this simple recipe for homemade frozen sidewalk chalk for kids. You’ve likely got the ingredients in your pantry, and your kids will have a blast!

• 20+ Leaf-Themed Science Activities for Preschoolers – As the leaves begin to change colors this autumn, it’s a great time to explore leaves with these engaging leaf-themed science activities for preschoolers.

• Fall Fun Science Experiments for Preschoolers – Pumpkins, apples, leaves, and more! Come discover 20 engaging fall fun science experiments for preschoolers!

• How to Make Magic Treasure Rocks – Come learn how to make magic treasure rocks with your kids. Kids will have tons of pirate-y science fun for Talk Like a Pirate Day (or any day)!

• Cinnamon Scented Fall Slime with Leaves – Amazing DIY cinnamon scented fall slime! This simple homemade cinnamon slime is perfect for kids of all ages! Make a batch today.

• Pumpkin STEM Activities for Kids – Bring pumpkins into your homeschool preschool lessons with these pumpkin theme activities! Kids will love these hands-on pumpkin STEM activities for kids.

Summer Science Experiments – Sneak in some learning over the next few months with some summer science experiments! There are enough ideas here to try something new every day!

Your kids will love making this simple glittery snowball slime recipe this winter. It’s a great activity to add to your winter sensory activities.

I love being able to incorporate the holidays into our homeschool lessons. This easy Skittles experiment is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

Engage your little ones with these amazing Easter candy science experiments! These activities feature Peeps, Skittles, jelly beans, and more!

Take advantage of all the new that spring has to offer, and incorporate as many of these spring science experiments for preschoolers as you can!

Have you ever celebrated Moon Day? If not, it’s a fabulous day to set aside time to study the moon with preschoolers! Science fun for preschoolers!

Humpty Dumpty preschool science activities are the perfect addition to your nursery rhyme lesson plans. Explore eggs with these experiments!

You won’t believe how simple it is to whip up a batch of slime with this birthday cake slime recipe! It’s perfect for birthday parties and playdates.

These bird science activities for preschoolers can be used all year long. There are winter and summer activities for kids.