Scarecrow Alphabet Worksheets

Encourage your preschoolers to practice the alphabet with these S is for Scarecrow alphabet worksheets.

These scarecrow worksheets are perfect for your autumn literacy centers! With a focus on the letter “S”, they’re a great way to have your kids practice the alphabet this fall. There are other letters included in the set, but the focus is on Ss with an overall scarecrow theme.

Your child can practice tracing and writing the letter S, identify S words, and color in a scarecrow scene with this worksheet set. It’s perfect for reinforcing learning in a fun and festive way.

Fall is a great time to teach a scarecrow theme to your preschoolers. Our educational worksheets are not only fun, but they’re also engaging.

This set of free preschool printables is designed to help younger children get excited about learning. Be sure to explore all the fun scarecrow activities we’ve put together and then scroll down to download and print our scarecrow printables today!

Scarecrow Theme for Preschool

Scarecrow week is a favorite among preschoolers. It’s a time to dress up in scarecrow clothes, make scarecrow crafts, and read scarecrow books. But what exactly is a scarecrow?

A scarecrow is a figure made of straw or other material, often in the shape of a human, and used to scare birds away from crops. In other words, scarecrows are used to protect plants from being eaten by birds. 

So, how do you teach a scarecrow theme in preschool? One way is to read scarecrow books with your students. Some popular scarecrow books for preschoolers include The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Wise Brown and The Scarecrow’s Hat by Ken Brown.

After reading a few books about scarecrows, your students will be ready to make their own scarecrows! 

There are many different ways to make a scarecrow. One popular method is to stuff an old shirt and pants with straw, then add a straw hat and some scraps of fabric for the face. You can also use an old pillowcase for the head and stuff it with straw. Once you’ve made your scarecrow’s body, it’s time to add the finishing touches: arms (made from sticks or branches), a scarf, and a crow to perch on the scarecrow’s arm. 

Scarecrows are a fun themed week for preschoolers because they are able to use their imaginations while learning about birds and plants. At the end of the week, your students will have had fun dressing up, crafting, and reading – all while learning about scarecrows!

Scarecrow Alphabet Worksheets

These free fall worksheets are perfect for busy preschool mommas and preschool teachers alike.

All you’ve got to do to use this set is print and go! No cutting, laminating, or prepping necessary.

What’s Included?

In this printable pack, you’ll receive fifteen scarecrow-themed printables. Each page features an activity designed to help young children work on a variety of different skills including fine motor skills, letter sounds, and more!

What’s Needed?

  • printer
  • paper
  • crayons
  • dot markers
  • pencil


Print the worksheets out and present them to your preschooler with the appropriate writing or coloring tools.

Letter Recognition

There are quite a few worksheets in this preschool pack that focus on letter recognition and include both uppercase and lowercase letters.

  • Search among a grid to identify the letters S and s.
  • Complete a “color by letter” page on which kids will color the S one color and the other letters another.
  • and more…

Coloring Pages

When you provide your children with coloring pages, you’ve given them an fun and easy way to strengthen motor skills.

In addition to the color by letter activities above, you’ll find a scarecrow coloring page in this pack along with a few other pages on which they’ll color the letter S.

Logical Reasoning

Another of the important skills covered in this printable is logical reasoning. You’ll receive a maze, a dot to dot page, and more.

Each one is designed to help preschool kids reason out their next step to complete the activity at hand.

More Scarecrow Fun

Preschoolers will have fun learning with these scarecrow themed activities. From arts and crafts to math and science, there are plenty of fun ideas to choose from.

And, since it’s a fall theme, it’s the perfect time to incorporate some fun learning activities into your lesson plans for younger kids. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Favorite Scarecrow Crafts

Scarecrow Activities

When you add a scarecrow pretend mask to your dress-up box, your kids will spend hours acting out their favorite scarecrow stories. 

If you’re short on time and still want to provide some craft time for your preschoolers, you could give them this scarecrow craft kit complete with glue and pre-cut shapes. 

Are you looking for a fun way to work on letter recognition and CVC words this fall? Add these scarecrow-themed CVC word mats are just what you need!

This engaging beginning sounds scarecrow activity will get your preschoolers motivated to learn their sounds and letters.

Free Scarecrow Printable Pack

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  1. thank you for allowing me to print these pages for free, I a great grandmother on a very fixed income, so to be able help in the learning process I get to have some special time with the children that isn’t tv or game machines

  2. I have loved using the alphabet hunt and match worksheets.
    I laminate the letters w/images and tape them around the children’s section at the library.
    Children attending PALS Play & Learn storytime love getting a clip board with the matching alphabet sheet and a little pencil to use as they hunt for the letters in the alphabet.
    We recently did the Apple letter find. Cute graphics and this was interesting as it was lower case letters for the kids to match with the upper case.
    Children and their adults work together hunting, talking and coloring in the letters they find together.
    Thank you so much!! Please create more theme based alphabet searches. I’m hunting for them each email you send.
    With care,
    Miss Sue