7 Ways Preschoolers Can Help with Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and it’s time for spring cleaning. If you enjoy giving the house a thorough cleaning in the spring, let your preschooler give you a hand.

Spring cleaning with kids doesn’t have to be a chore. It can even be a lot of fun!

Spring cleaning with kids doesn't have to be a chore! Discover seven fun ways to involve even the youngest members of the family. | homeschoolpreschool.net

Spring Cleaning with Kids: 7 Fun Ideas

1. Wipe door knobs and light switches

Door knobs and light switches are constantly touched by grubby hands. So hand your preschooler a moist towel and send them to wipe down every door knob and light switch in the house. Diaper wipes are perfect. They’re gentle on a preschooler’s skin yet do an excellent job at wiping up grime.

2. Wash doors & walls

If you’re giving your doors and walls a good scrub, hand a rag to your preschoolers. They’ll love scrubbing off the dirt and finger prints while getting wet at the same time. You may want to have a dry towel or two on hand. Let’s just say preschoolers don’t quite have the hang of wringing out the towels.

3. Mopping is fun

There’s nothing as much fun as mopping for a preschooler. First put your preschooler into their swimsuit, then begin to scrub the floors. Your preschooler will run the rag up and down the floor getting water everywhere. Just follow along with a dry towel. Your floors will shine when you’re finished.

4. Errand runner

My favorite job for preschoolers is to turn them into errand runners. My little boys and girls run toys and objects back to the appropriate room. I can quickly tidy up without needing to dash around the house putting stuff away.

The kids don’t put the objects back on the shelf but at least they’re in the right room. Later I drop by each room and put the various items away properly.

5. Sort silverware

Sorting isn’t just an excellent math skill, it’s also an excellent cleaning job for preschoolers. After you’ve washed the silverware, assign your little ones to putting the forks, knives, and spoons back into their proper spot. You’ll save yourself a tedious job while your preschooler helps and learns at the same time.

6. Wipe the Table

Tables get dirty at the drop of a hat, but wiping the table is an awesome task for your little boys and girls. They can carefully wipe the table and scrub at the spots. Hand your child a dish towel and let them go. You’ll soon have a clean table.

7. Sort toys

Don’t forget to have your preschoolers sort their toys while you’re cleaning. I’ve found in my house that blocks wander into the car bucket while cars disappear into the doll house. Periodically we need to sort the toys and place them back into the appropriate container.

Preschoolers are easily overwhelmed, so only sort one bin and a time. Later you can go through and toss the extra blocks, cars, and furniture into the appropriate spot.

With a bit of thought and ingenuity, preschoolers can be a huge help during spring cleaning. They can wipe, sort, and scrub with the best. And while a bit of water may be splattered on the floor, it’s a small price to pay for a clean house and a happy child.

How do you tackle spring cleaning with kids in the house?

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