5 Easy Tips for How to Slow Down with Preschoolers

Life is busy. But, sometimes toddlers and preschoolers just can’t keep up. Then need downtime. Here are 5 tips for how to slow down with preschoolers.

Have you noticed how everyone is in a hurry these days? Even preschoolers have busy days between preschool, activities, play dates, and other appointments! But rushing your preschooler through the day isn’t good for you or for your preschooler.

It’s time to slow down!

Life is busy. But, sometimes toddlers and preschoolers just can't keep up. Then need downtime. Here are 5 tips for how to slow down with preschoolers. 

5 Easy Tips to Slow Down with Preschoolers

1. Reduce Activities

The first easy tip to slow down with preschoolers is to reduce the number of activities you are involved in.

Don’t get me wrong, a couple well-chosen activities can be a boon to you and your preschooler. They get you out of the house. Allow you to make new friends. And teach new skills.

However, too many of these activities and you end up spending your days running from one activity to the other exhausted. And you find yourself constantly yelling at your preschooler to hurry up. Put on your shoes. We’re late!

So slow down by reducing the activities your preschooler is involved with to one or two well-chosen activities.

2. Allow Extra Time

Another simple trick to slowing down with a preschooler is allowing extra time. Now you can’t allow extra time if you’re running from one activity to the other with no time in-between.

But once you’ve reduced your activities to a reasonable level focus on planning margin into your day.

Preschoolers love to do things by themselves. And they need time to change from one task to the next. This requires extra time.

You need extra time for your preschooler to get dressed. To put on their coat. To carefully put their toys away. I know, it’s frustrating watching your preschooler take 5 minutes to do something you can do in 30 seconds. But they need this time to develop the skill.

So give yourself 30 minutes to get ready to go. If you’re ready early, you can enjoy reading a picture book together before you head out the door.

Slowing down means peace and a less frantic life. And less stress trying to hurry your child out the door.

3. Reduce Your To-Do List

Part of slowing down with preschoolers means accepting that everything a preschooler does takes more time.

You simply won’t be able to fit as many items on your todo list as you did pre-children.

The trick is to focus on the top one or two items that must be done today. Anything else you’re able to accomplish is a bonus.

And you’ll find yourself enjoying life more when you’re not trying to hurry your preschooler along so you can complete the 101 tasks on your to-do list.

Life is busy. But, sometimes toddlers and preschoolers just can't keep up. Then need downtime. Here are 5 tips for how to slow down with preschoolers. 

4. Include Your Preschooler in Daily Tasks

At the same time that you’re reducing your to-do list, try including your preschooler in your daily tasks.

I know preschoolers take forever to do anything. But it’s time spent with your child. It’s time you can chat about Winnie the Pooh, their friends, or share stories from when you were a small child yourself.

These years won’t last forever, even though it feels like it. Eventually, your little child will turn into a huge person who’s thrilled to see and spends hours talking your ears off.

But it all starts now. Taking the time to include your preschool in your daily tasks.

5. Plan Empty Days

Plan empty days into your week. Days that you have nothing scheduled. Days to hang out, watch the birds eating on the lawn, and chat about your favorite types of birds.

Use this time to spontaneously bake cookies or head to the park.

Empty days when you have nothing planned is the perfect time to get a few household tasks done and enjoy time with a good book and your child.

We all need empty days. Not days running to the amusement park, but days spent in the backyard hunting ants, chasing butterflies, and enjoying tea parties with our dolls.

These days when the world keeps spinning faster and faster out of control, it’s important to make an effort to slow down.

Slow down so we have time to spend with our preschooler.

Slow down so we have the margin in the day to allow our preschooler the freedom to develop new skills such as putting on their coat without us yelling at them constantly.

And slow down to enjoy this short period of time with a preschooler in the house.

What is your favorite tip for slowing down with a preschooler in the house?

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