5 Ways to Goof Off with Your Preschoolers

Did you know that March 22 is National Goof Off Day? I sure didn’t. But National Goof Off Day makes the perfect excuse to be silly, goof off, and connect with our preschoolers.

National Goof Off Day makes the perfect excuse to be silly, goof off, and connect with our preschoolers. Discover five fun ways to do just that! | @homeschlprek

Celebrate National Goof Off Day

1. Ice Cream Sundae for Breakfast

Why start a goof off day with a proper breakfast? Instead wake your kids up with ice cream sundaes. Believe me, they’ll never forget that day they got ICE CREAM for breakfast! It does require a bit of advanced planning to ensure you have the ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and cherries on hand. If breakfast doesn’t work, you can always make ice cream sundaes for dinner!

2. Tell Jokes

Curl up on the living room floor and spend the  morning telling each other silly jokes. Check out jokes book from the library and read it together. Enjoy knock-knock jokes, horse jokes, and endless variations of why the chicken crossed the road. Remember the jokes which are old to you are new to your preschooler. Laugh at every joke, no matter how bad.

3. Explore the Town

Take off together to explore your town. Don’t have a destination or a goal. Simply go where inspiration hits. Check out downtown. Stop by a coffee shop for hot chocolate and a cookie. Window shop at the mall. The goal is to enjoy goofing off and spending time together.

4. Read a Book

Pull out a book you’ve been putting aside because there’s always something more important to do. Goof off day is your excuse to curl up with your preschooler and read. Don’t worry if the book is educational or uplifting. It’s a day for chilling. Try a book about the Stupids or Amelia Bedelia. They’re always good for a laugh.

5. Watch Movies

Every preschooler I know has a movie or two they want to watch over and over again. These movies get old fast. However on National Goof Off Day, sit down and enjoy these movies again with your preschooler. Pop popcorn, drink pop, and curl up with your child.

The goal of Goof Off Day is to spend the day connect with your preschoolers. Not running errands, cleaning house, or being a responsible adult. Be irresponsible for a day, goof off, and create beautiful memories.

What is your child’s favorite activity?

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