Christmas Color by Letter Worksheets

Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to get into the spirit than by doing some fun Christmas color by letter worksheets throughout the month of December?

These preschool Christmas printables are a fun way to reinforce letter recognition and early literacy skills this time of year. 

Your little ones will have so much fun coloring in all of the different pictures, they won’t even realize they’re learning at the same time!

You can print these out right now and get started on them today – there’s no need to wait until Christmas is here. Just grab some crayons and you’re good to go!

These free preschool printables are a great way to get your students excited about the holiday season while also providing them with some valuable learning opportunities.

And don’t worry if you’re not a teacher – these worksheets can easily be printed out at home for your own little ones to enjoy! 

Christmas Color by Letter Worksheets

There are a variety of different color by code worksheets included in this pack.

There are pages with different Christmas-themed images, including Santa, reindeer, ornaments, and more.

Preschool and kindergarten students will have fun coloring in all the different pictures while they practice their letter recognition and reading skills.


  • crayons
  • coloring pages

Completing the Activity

Print out the Christmas letter pages. Instruct children to identify the first letter in the color code and read the color word beside it.

Now have children find all of the spaces containing that letter and color them the correct color. Continue in this manner until the mystery picture is revealed.

Have your child color in all of the different pictures while they practice recognizing uppercase letters and reading color words. Enjoy celebrating the most wonderful time of the year!

You can add these Christmas coloring pages to your literacy centers or use them as independent work.

What Skills Are Covered?

Color by letter worksheets offer preschoolers an opportunity to work on a variety of skills. First, of course, is letter recognition.

By matching the letters from the color code to the letters on the picture, kids reinforce their ability to identify uppercase letters. This set focuses on all capital letters A – Z.

Color words and color recognition are two more skills preschoolers will work on as they complete each color by letter. Kids will identify the color words in the color code, and they’ll use those colors to complete the picture. 

Finally, coloring allows preschoolers an opportunity to strengthen fine motor skills. They’ll practice proper pencil grip and motor control which are important for later writing skills.

Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction is a teaching approach that provides students with different instructional methods and materials based on their individual needs.

This can be a great way to help all students learn and succeed in a classroom setting.

By providing different materials and activities, teachers can help all students find what works best for them. This way, no one is left behind.

When it comes to teaching color words, differentiated instruction can be very beneficial.

You can provide different activities and worksheets for students to complete, depending on their level of understanding.

For beginners, you may want to start with basic coloring pages that focus on identifying colors. You can also have them match colors by painting or matching colored objects.

More advanced students can complete worksheets that focus on reading color words.

This may include identifying colors in a sentence or writing sentences using specific colors.

You can also have them create their coloring pages by writing color words next to pictures.

No matter which activity you choose, differentiated instruction will help your students learn and remember their colors!

More Letter Recognition Activities

If your child is really enjoying these Christmas color by code activities, you can check out some of our other fun letter-recognition activities.

We have a variety of different letter printables that will help reinforce learning in a fun and creative way.

Try out some of our other fun Christmas worksheets or alphabet tracing pages – your child will love them!

More Ways to Teach Color Words

These free color-by-letter worksheets are a great way to teach your young learners how to recognize and read color words.

However, there are other ways you can help your children learn their colors as well!

You can play fun guessing games or practice with everyday objects around the house.

No matter which activities you choose, your child will be sure to have fun while learning their colors.

Classic Christmas Books for Kids

The Christmas season is a time for family, friends, and fun. It’s also a time for reading! If you’re looking for some classic Christmas books to read with your young children this year, we’ve got you covered. Here are five of our favorites:

The Christmas Wish – Long ago, a brave little girl named Anja wanted to be one of Santa’s elves.So she leaves a note for her family and helps her elderly neighbor prepare for the holiday, then she straps on her skis, and heads out into the snowy landscape. From a red bird to a polar bear to a reindeer, a menagerie of winter animals help Anja make her way to Santa.

The Night Before Christmas – Carry on a family tradition or start one of your own with this new version of the classic Christmas book for children and families. Bring the family together for a read-aloud and as children prepare for Santa Claus and his reindeer on Christmas Eve.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! – Grow your heart three sizes and get in on all of the Grinch-mas cheer with this Christmas classic–the ultimate Dr. Seuss holiday book that no collection is complete without!

The Polar Express – A young boy, lying awake one Christmas Eve, is welcomed aboard a magical train to the North Pole . . .

Miracle on 34th Street – For a little girl named Susan Walker, Christmas could be any other day. She doesn’t believe in Santa Claus or magic or miracles of any kind. But when she meets Kris Kringle and tells him what Christmas gifts she most wishes for, Susan finds herself hoping that maybe, just maybe, he is the real thing.

More Christmas Printables

These handmade, adorable Christmas finger puppets are perfect for Holiday party favors or any play day!

Turn ordinary laundry pins into a fun clothespin Christmas tree ornament that your kids will love hanging on the tree this season. 

Kids will love this adorable Candy Cane Holder and Gift Tag that is perfect for little ones!

With this Magic Reindeer recipe, kids can help guide Santa’s reindeer to your home on Christmas Eve!

Do you want a fun and easy way to get your preschool and kindergarten kids into the Christmas spirit? Look no further than Christmas color by letter printable pages!

These free Christmas worksheets are a great way to celebrate the season while also providing some valuable learning opportunities for early literacy skills such as letter recognition.

Plus, with so many different designs available, you’re sure to find several Christmas pages that your students (or kids!) will love. So what are you waiting for? Grab some crayons and get coloring!

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