Toilet Paper Roll Owl Craft

This simple toilet paper roll owl craft is perfect for preschoolers! Add it to your owl or autumn preschool activities.

I love finding simple activities to add to our seasonal lessons. Toilet paper roll crafts fit the bill. They rely on materials I’ve already got stashed away in my craft closet, and they can be added to almost any preschool theme.

When preschool crafts double as skill builders, that’s even better! This simple owl craft gives kids an opportunity to practice their scissor skills while strengthening motor skills as they wrap the yarn around the cardboard tube.

Toilet Paper Roll Owl Craft

The fun thing about this toilet paper roll owl is that kids can use their favorite colors to make them. There is no right or wrong color scheme.

So, gather up your materials, and let’s get crafty!

What You’ll Need

What You’ll Do

Begin with a toilet paper size cardboard roll.

Make two snips on opposite ends of the bottom of the roll.

Insert one end of a long strand of yarn into one of the snips.

Wrap the yarn around the roll. When finished, slide the other end into the bottom snips.

Now fold in the top of the cardboard roll, so there are two “ears” on both sides. The cardboard roll will naturally want to fold in this shape.

Cut a triangle beak from a piece of yellow or orange light cardstock. Glue the beak in place.

Stick googly eyes above the beak.

Cut two wing shapes from another piece of cardstock. Glue the wings on the sides of the owl. Now, you’re all done!


Fill your book basket with a great collection of books about owls. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

If you have a hard time finding them, you can order them through my Amazon affiliate links by clicking the images below.

Owl MoonOwl BabiesLittle Owl's Day


Owl Moon – Distinguished author Jane Yolen has created a gentle, poetic story that lovingly depicts the special companionship of a young child and her father as well as humankind’s close relationship to the natural world. 

Owl Babies – “I want my mommy!” Three baby owls awake one night to find their mother gone, and they can’t help but wonder where she is. What is she doing? When will she be back? What scary things move all around them?

Little Owl’s Day – A squirrel is chittering. Bees are buzzing. The sun is high in the sky. And Little Owl is supposed to be asleep, but when he wakes up early, he’s just too curious to close his eyes again. The forest he knows so well at nighttime is completely different – and exciting – in the day! 


Make your own paper owl with your kids or grandkids this fall! Kit includes everything needed to complete craft except glue. Pair this craft with your favorite fall book for a fun and easy way to keep kids engaged in an indoor activity.

The 7pc Owls Felt Set for Flannel Board includes 5 owls, 1 sun and 1 moon plus “Five Sleepy Owls” learning song. Practice counting and ordinal numbers with toddlers and preschoolers, day versus night and nocturnal animals.

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