Narwhal Paper Plate Craft

Want to make a cute animal craft with your kids? This narwhal paper plate craft is easy enough for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

This paper plate craft is a great way to help your kids strengthen fine motor skills as they lace the edges of the plates.

Narwhals are fascinating creatures! Who doesn’t love a whale with a unicorn horn? Your kids will love making this fun craft!

Add it to your ocean, animal, winter, or letter Nn preschool and kindergarten lesson plans.

Narwhal Paper Plate Craft

Teach your kids a little bit about narwhals before starting this fun craft.

  • Most narwhals can be found in the Canadian Arctic.
  • Narwhals can live up to 50 years!
  • Their babies are called calves.
  • Most narwhals with tusks are males.
  • The long, spiraled tusk of a narwhal can grow up to 10 feet long!

What You’ll Need

What You’ll Do

To get started on the narwhal paper plate, first color the two plates.

To get a multi-colored effect, use the light blue colored pencil and create long strokes across the paper in a random pattern, leaving some sections white. Repeat will all the colors, using the blue pencils the most and the purple and green sparingly.

Fold one plate in half and draw half an egg shape. Cut the egg shape out and keeping the plate folded, hole punch around the edge.

Fold the other plate in half and draw two half hearts along the fold.

Cut these out and keeping the paper plate folded, hole punch along the edge.

Unfold the hearts, cut one heart down the middle on the fold, this will be the narwhal’s fin.

Place the edge of the fin on top of the plate, along the folded edge. Mark the fin holes with a pencil, then hole punch them.

Now, let’s lace!

TIP: Put a piece of tape around the edge of the yarn. This makes lacing it so much easier & prevents the edge from fraying.

Start by going through the fin and taping in place. Lace around the rounded edge of the fin.

To attach the fin to the body, lace through the corner hole, then through the top of the narwhal’s body, around the back of the body and back up through the body and fin. Repeat.

Remove the tape and tie the loose ends together. You can now lift the fin & write, “Hi”.

Let’s make the horn next. Cut a slender triangle out of gold paper and hole punch along the border.

Line up the horn with the narwhal’s body so the holes somewhat match.

Lace through both to secure the horn to the narwhal’s body. Continue lacing around the body until you reach the tail.

Just like the horn, match up the tail with the body. Lace both together to secure the tail to the body. Finish lacing the whole body.

Go back and lace around the border of the tail fin. Use yellow yarn to lace through the holes on the horn as well.

Finish the narwhal with a jumbo google eye and a cute smile. The narwhal is ready wave, HI to anyone he meets!


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