Three Little Pigs Preschool Activities

Your kids will love diving deep into the story with these hands-on Three Little Pigs preschool activities! Worksheets, STEM challenges, and crafts galore!

If you love diving into the books you read with your preschoolers, then I’m sure you’ve got a great collection of ideas for book-based activities. You won’t want to miss this collection of educational activities that pair perfectly with any version of The Three Little Pigs you choose. 

3-pigs-acts-1 Three Little Pigs Preschool Activities

Three Little Pigs Preschool Activities

Your kids will have so much fun building houses just like the pigs. These 3 Little Pig houses can then be used for sequencing and discussing elements of the story. The Pinterested Parent

Practice story sequencing with this Three Little Pigs sequencing activity. These story cards are perfect for preschoolers. 3 Boys and a Dog 

Print out a set of 3 Little Pigs stick puppets to use in your storytelling and sequencing activities. A Little Pinch of Perfect

This Three Little Pigs theme pack is perfect for preschool and kindergarten kiddos. The Relaxed Homeschool

Even your toddlers can build a Three Little Pigs house with this activity that uses colored craft sticks with velcro dots on each end. Rainy Day Mum

Here’s another 3 Little Pigs STEM Challenge that uses candy and toothpicks to build a house for the pigs. Teachers Pay Teachers 

If your preschoolers make a pig nose, they can wear it when they retell the story over and over again.

With a few household items, you can set up a Three Little Pigs invitation to play that will inspire hours of imaginative play. Sunny Day Family 

Scroll down just a bit to find an example of a Three Little Pigs storytelling basket that is easy to make and engaging for the kids. TTS Group

When kids pretend to be the wolf in this STEM challenge, they’ll build the Three Little Pigs houses and try to blow them down. Brooks Free Library Youth 

Can your kids make a house sturdy enough to withstand being blown down by a hairdryer? Let them try with this Three Little Pigs STEM ChallengeMrs. Thompson’s Treasures

three-little-pigs-activities Three Little Pigs Preschool Activities

Versions of The Three Little Pigs

Fill your book basket with a great collection of Three Little Pigs stories. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

If you have a hard time finding them, you can order them through my Amazon affiliate links by clicking the images below.

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The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! – In this hysterical and clever fracture fairy tale picture book that twists point of view and perspective, young readers will finally hear the other side of the story of “The Three Little Pigs.”

Three Little Pigs – The three little pigs have never looked so cute and the big bad wolf never looked so bad in this retelling of the classic fairy tale!

The Three Little Pigs – Three little pigs set off to build themselves new homes. But someone big and bad soon comes looking for a tasty piggy snack. Can the pigs outwit the wicked wolf?

Round Out Your Unit with These Activities:

The Three Little Pigs are building their homes to keep away from the Big Bad Wolf! Enjoy a fun felt activity to accompany the classic story, “Three Little Pigs”. Children can use the felt pieces to learn and/or identify their favorite items in the story, retell the story or make their own pretend play stories. 

These Three Little Pigs felt finger puppets are ideal for fostering and developing the imagination and language of the children. 

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