Activities for Hunting the Daddyosaurus

Discover four hands-on activities your preschoolers will love! Each one is inspired by the book Hunting the Daddyosaurus.

If you haven’t read Hunting the Daddyosaurus yet, you’ve missed a treat. Two dinosaur siblings search the house hunting for their daddyosaurus. The rhyme and rhythm draw you in and keep you hooked until the last stanza.

Hunting the Daddyosaurus


Explain to your child that rhymes are words with similar sounds such as pink, drink, or brink. Go through Hunting the Daddyosaurus and see how many rhymes your child can find.

After you’ve discussed the rhymes in Hunting the Daddyosaurus, make up your own rhymes. Can you find rhymes for bug, house, or book?


In Hunting the Daddyosaurus, the children track their daddy through the house. As you look through the book, point out all the clues the children followed to find their father at the end. They followed his footprints and listened for noises.

Set up your own hunt through the house. Lay out footprints, clothing, and other clues for the children to follow. How quickly can they track clues through the house. Either have the children hunt you or leave a treat at the end for the kids to find.

Flooding the Bathroom

Why would a dinosaur in the bathtub flood the house? This is a great question to start a discussion of water displacement. Explain to your preschoolers that larger objects displace more water than smaller objects. The weight doesn’t matter, simply the size and shape.

Fill a bowl with water and put it on a cookie sheet. Let your children have fun putting different objects in the bowl and seeing how far the water is displaced. Can they ‘flood’ the bowl with a large enough item?


Don’t forget to make hot cinnamon cider to drink. After all at the end of the hunt, the little dinosaurs find the daddyosaurus and give him hot cinnamon cider to drink.

Let the kids measure the sugar and spices. Encourage them to stir the cider under your supervision. Enjoy reading Hunting the Daddyosaurus together while you enjoy drinking the hot cinnamon cider.


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