Love Bug Valentines Day Countdown

Your kids will love helping you make this Love Bug Valentines Day countdown chain! What a cute decoration that provides a little counting practice, too.

Are your kids beginning to get excited about Valentine’s Day? I’m sure they’ve seen all the holiday decor in the grocery store. Help them countdown to the big day with this fun Valentine’s Day countdown paper chain! 

love-bugs-1 Love Bug Valentines Day Countdown

This preschool craft is easily adaptable for different ability levels. If your kids are too young to draw the heart shapes, let them use stickers.

Or, you can draw them and they can color them in or decorate them. Either way, they’re going to have so much fun as they countdown to Valentine’s Day with this fun paper chain. 

Valentines Countdown

Kids can use their favorite colors to make these Love Bugs. Or they can use traditional Valentine’s Day colors. They’ll love decorating the bugs with heart stickers and google eyes. 

What You’ll Need

What You’ll Do

Turn your construction paper horizontally, and cut a 2″ strip down the length of the paper. You can stack the papers so you’re cutting through more than one sheet at a time.

Cut as many strips as you need to complete the countdown chain.

Add google eyes, eyelashes, and a smile to the middle of all of the strips you just cut out.

love-bug-faces Love Bug Valentines Day Countdown

To Make the Butterfly

Cut two hearts out of pink construction paper (or color of your choice). Use a black marker or stickers to decorate the hearts and the body of the butterfly as desired. 

Glue or tape the hearts to each side of the strip to create the butterfly’s wings.

Punch two holes above the eyes. Feed a short piece of pipe cleaner through the holes curling each end. This is the butterfly’s antenna. Secure this at the back of the strip with tape. 

Create a loop with the strip securing the back with a piece of tape or a small dab of glue. 

butterfly-love-bug Love Bug Valentines Day Countdown

To Make the Bumblebee

Use a black sharpie to create stripes on the bee’s body. 

Cut two small pink hearts. Again, decorate them with marker or stickers. Attach the hearts to the back to form wings. 

Create the antenna the same way you did for the butterfly above. 

Curl the whole thing around into a look, and secure with tape or glue. 

bee-love-bug Love Bug Valentines Day Countdown

To Make the Ladybug

Cut out six tiny hearts or use heart-shaped stickers. Affix these to the body of the ladybug to create spots. 

Again, hole punch the top and add the pipe cleaner to make an antenna. 

Finally, secure the whole loop with glue or tap. 

ladybug-love-bug Love Bug Valentines Day Countdown

To connect your love bugs, cut 2×2″ strips of white paper. Feed these strips through two bugs and secure loop with tape.

Repeat with the rest of your love bugs. 

valentines-day-countdown Love Bug Valentines Day Countdown

Books for Valentine’s Day

Reading is a fantastic way to celebrate any season, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Here’s a selection of heartwarming books for preschoolers that perfectly encapsulate the essence of love and friendship.

These books, with their enchanting narratives and charming illustrations, promise to make your Valentine’s Day extra special.

Whether you are sharing these stories with your little ones or simply indulging in a cozy reading session by yourself, these books are sure to spread Valentine’s Day cheer.

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Splat the Cat: Funny Valentine– It’s Valentine’s Day, and Splat and his friends want to give Mrs. Wimpydimple something special.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Charlie Brown! – It’s Valentine’s Day and Charlie Brown is trying to find the courage to give the Little Red-Haired Girl a valentine!

Snowy Valentine– Step out into a snowy Valentine’s Day with Jasper the bunny as he searches the forest valley for a special gift for his loved one.


Valentine’s Day coloring cards are perfect for class parties and playdates! It’s like a gift and an activity all in one. 

What kid doesn’t love Bingo? This adorable Valentine’s Day bingo set is perfect for the school classroom or a large family gathering or party — with 30 unique game boards. 

This February, stock your bookshelves with one or more of these festive Valentine books for kindergarten. Engage your young readers this holiday season.

There are no mushy-gushy books on this list. Your guys will love these Valentines Day books for boys. Monsters, zombies, and stinky feet are featured in this list!

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