Come explore this amazing growing collection of our favorite preschool books on a wide variety of topics covering animals, seasons, holidays, and much more!

On an almost weekly basis, I share a list of books on a new topic. These picture books are perfect for preschoolers and beginning readers.

Whether your preschooler is listening to you read or he is trying to read them on his own, you’ll find an amazing array of books on a wide variety of topics below.

Our Favorite Preschool Books

The book lists featured below are listed in alphabetical order. I thought this would be the easiest way to organize them since there are so many. However, I have bolded keywords so you can scroll down and hunt for specific topics.

Another trick is to hold down the “command” and “f” keys on your computer. You should see a little search bar pop up on your computer screen. Type your topic in that search bar, and it will search for that word on this page.

And, don’t forget to check back often. Each week, as I add new lists to the site, I’ll add them here. Bookmark this page so you can find it as you move from theme to theme in your homeschool preschool.

Be sure to print some free printable reading charts to track how many books you read each month.


As you begin teaching the alphabet, stock up on these Letter A books for preschool! Enjoy a childhood classic or discover a new favorite.

Teach your kids about acorns and oak trees this fall with this great collection of acorn books for kids. They’re perfect for your fall book baskets.

Reading ABC books is a great way to introduce your kids to letters and learning to read. Here is a great collection of alphabet books for preschoolers!

Come explore this amazing growing collection of our favorite animal books for kids featuring a wide range of animals and animal habitats.

Fill your summer book basket with books about ants! Start with this collection of fiction and nonfiction picture books about ants for preschoolers!

As you begin fleshing out your apple-themed activities this fall, be sure to select one or more apple preschool books to round out your unit.

Autumns means apples! If you plan to teach an apple theme this fall, be sure to include a good selection of nonfiction apple books for preschoolers.


Whether you’re adding books about bald eagles to your patriotic activities or your bird studies, this collection of picture books is a great place to start your search!

Halloween is coming! It’s the perfect time to curl up with one of our favorite fiction or nonfiction picture books about bats for preschoolers.

Nonfiction books about bats are perfect for October read-alouds and independent reading. Fun for Halloween, too! 

This October, gather a collection of fiction books about bats that you can read to your preschoolers. They’ll love listening to stories about these intriguing nocturnal animals.

My kids can never read too many bear books. They love polar bears, grizzly bears, and brown bears. Here are 12 delightful picture books about bears!

Preschoolers are sponges ready to soak up new things all the time. Teach them about bees with these nonfiction books about bees.

Fill your spring and summer book basket with this wonderful collection of fiction books about bees. They’re perfect for young readers!

If you’re studying birds with your preschoolers, be sure to include one or more of these kids books about birds.

Whether your little ones are celebrating a birthday or they just like to read about them, fill your book basket with these fun birthday books for preschoolers.

Picture books about birthdays are a fun way to celebrate your little one’s special day! They also make great preschool birthday gifts.

Do your kids love bugs? Help them learn more about them by reading these children’s books about bugs! These nonfiction selections are awesome for kids!

With both spring and Easter just around the corner, it’s time to fill your book basket with our favorite children’s books about bunnies.

March 14th is Learn about Butterflies Day! Use these butterfly books for preschoolers to teach your little ones all about caterpillars, butterflies, and the life cycle of a butterfly!

These picture books on Monarch butterflies will help children learn more about these beautiful creatures! Add them to your reading lists.

As spring turns into summer, teach your preschoolers about how butterflies grow with these butterfly life cycle books for kids.


Whether you’re heading out to the campsite or hosting an indoor campout, get kids excited with one of these camping books for preschoolers.

These cat books for preschoolers are so much fun for preschoolers. They’ll love listening to stories about these furry creatures.

Reading children’s books about cats is a great way to introduce little ones to the joys of feline companionship.

There are many wonderful stories available for preschoolers these days. There’s no way we can read each and every one to our kids. Instead focus on these classic stories which have been favorites for generations and every preschooler should know.

Learning about community helpers is fun! Engage preschoolers with these 15 awesome books about community helpers. Perfect read-alouds for school or home!

It’s important for kids to learn about people who keep their communities safe. This collection of community helper books is the perfect introduction!

12 amusing cow books for preschool! Fill your book basket with these animal books for preschool and kindergarten readers.

Encourage your little ones to practice counting with these counting books for preschoolers. This is a great way to engage your little ones.


Are you preparing your preschooler for a trip to the dentist? Celebrating National Dentist Day? Studying community helpers? Don’t miss these dentist books for preschoolers!

It’s no mystery. Everyone will love these detective books for kids! Find picture books, easy readers, and short chapter books on this list! 

Young dinosaur fans will love these dinosaur books for preschool. These fiction picture books are perfect for engaging young readers.

Why study butterflies and grasshoppers like everyone else? Here are some great books about dragonflies to help you study a brand new insect.


This list of Earth Day books for preschoolers is perfect for helping your little ones learn more about and celebrate Earth Day!

Fill your bookshelves with these wonderful Easter picture books for kids. This is a great collection of new and classic books for toddlers and preschoolers.

Fill your seasonal book baskets with this great collection of Christian Easter books for kids. They’ll help your kids remember the true meaning of Easter!

This spring, fill your shelves with these Easter books for preschoolers. Books about bunnies, eggs, and more!

Fill your shelves with a wonderful collection of Easter books for children. Bunnies, eggs, baskets, and more! Which will you read first?

These egg books for preschool are perfect for spring and summer. You’ll find books about Easter eggs and animals that hatch from eggs.


As we near the end of summer, fill your book basket with some of our favorite fall books for preschoolers. It’s filled with both fiction and nonfiction selections.

Preschoolers love the farm and all the animals that live there. These farm books for preschool help them learn more.

You’ll be a hero when you choose a book from this collection of firefighter books for kids! Add them to your fire safety unit plans.

Fill your book basket with First Day of Preschool books! They’ll help prepare your preschooler for what to expect before the first day of school.

This spring and summer, teach kids about seeds, gardening, and plants with these preschool books about flowers. This collection contains both fiction and nonfiction selections for kids.

Looking for some teaching tools for your flower lesson plans? Start with these nonfiction books about flowers for preschoolers!

Kids love reading and learning about animals of all kinds. Here’s a fun list of forest animal books for kids of all ages.

Fill your shelves with a wonderful collection of picture books about friendship and friends. They’re great all year long.  

Get your preschoolers excited about amphibians with these frog books for kids. Whether you are exploring the life cycle of a frog or enjoying silly frog story books, pique your little ones’ interest with these.


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• 12 Delightful Children’s Horse Books – Do you have a horse crazy child in the house? A child who begs for riding lessons and asks Santa for a pony every Christmas? Then this list of children’s horse books is for you!

The Best Halloween Picture Books – This month, fill your shelves with the best Halloween picture books for preschoolers! They’re not scary so they’re perfect for little ones.


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15 Versions of the Johnny Appleseed Story – Fill your autumn book basket with one or more of these storybook versions of the Johnny Appleseed story. Perfect for Johnny Appleseed Day!

As you head into a study of the jungle or animal habitats, fill your shelves with a few of these jungle animal books for preschoolers.


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• 20+ of Our Favorite Books About Leaves for Preschool  – Come discover some of our very favorite picture books about leaves for preschool. Fiction and nonfiction books for beginning readers!

• Leprechauns have been a part of Irish folklore for centuries and now they can be a part of your child’s storytime with picture books about leprechauns!

Life Cycle Books for Preschoolers – These life cycle books for preschoolers are perfect all year long. They’ll help you bring your life cycle lesson plans to life!


Discover charming mouse books for kids! Explore worlds of adventure, friendship, and heartwarming tales that will capture your little reader’s imagination.

Introduce early math concepts with preschool math books. This collection of math-themed picture books is a great place to start.

A Marvelous Collection of Monkey Books for Preschool – What a great collection of monkey books for preschool! It includes both fiction and nonfiction books for your upcoming animal studies!

Mystery Books for Preschoolers – Finding a good book for kids can be quite a challenge. However, there’s no mystery here! These mystery books for preschoolers are sure to keep them entertained!


Grab one or two of these fun books about New Years for preschoolers. They’ll help you get your preschoolers excited about the new year!

Teach and reinforce facts about a variety of topics with a good selection of nonfiction books for kids.


27 Amazing Ocean Animal Books for Preschoolers – Fill your book basket with ocean animal books for preschoolers. They will help you introduce your little ones to the ocean and the animals that live in it.

Nonfiction Books About the Ocean – This collection of nonfiction books about the ocean is perfect for kids ages 3-10! Learn more about the ocean and the animals that live in it.

Is your little dreaming of the beach? Are you planning a beach vacation? If so, fill your book basket with these picture books about the ocean.


9 Books About Parties – Here are 9 delightful children’s books about parties to read with your children.

Celebrate the 4th of July with a basket full of patriotic picture books! Each of the picture books in this collection will help you and your little ones celebrate our great nation!

15 Perfect Pet Books for Preschoolers – Your animal-loving kiddos are sure to love this collection of pet books for preschoolers. Cats, dogs, dragons, unicorns, and more!

Pig Books for Preschoolers – Preschoolers will squeal with delight when you present them with this collection of pig books for preschoolers. Perfect for your farm-themed lessons!

30 of Our Favorite Pirate Books for Kids – Whether you’re gearing up for Talk Like a Pirate Day or your preschoolers want to read about them, these pirate books are perfect for kids!

•  Non-Halloween Pumpkin Books for Preschoolers – Here is a fun list of pumpkin books for preschoolers that are not Halloween related. They’re perfect for the entire fall season!

Add one or more of these nonfiction pumpkin books to your fall reading list. They’re perfect for your pumpkin lesson plans this autumn!


• coming soon!


18 Amazing Rainforest Animals Books – If you’ve got a child who loves animals, loves the rainforest, or just loves reading, encourage them to learn about rainforest animals with this great collection of picture books.


Scarecrow Books for Kids – Autumn is the perfect time to read about scarecrows with your preschoolers. This collection of scarecrow books for kids is a great place to start!

• 15 of Our Favorite Books About Scarecrows – Autumn is the perfect time to read about scarecrows with your preschoolers. This collection of scarecrow books for kids is a great place to start!

Fill your shelves with books about shapes for preschoolers. These will help you introduce and reinforce shapes and shape names. 

24 Spectacular Spring Books for Preschoolers – There’s so much to read about in the spring! Bees, bugs, flowers, and weather are the perfect themes for great spring books for preschoolers.

• 15 Engaging Spring Weather Books for Preschoolers – Rainbows, windy days, and spring showers. These spring weather books for preschoolers will help them learn more about the weather this time of year.

21 of the Best St Patrick’s Day Books for Preschoolers – The luck of the Irish will be on your side with this amazing collection of St Patricks Day books for kids! These books feature legends, leprechauns, and lots of luck!

Summer Vacation Books for Kids – Gearing up for your summer vacation? Don’t miss these summer vacation books for kids! They’ll keep your kids entertained on your road trips.

Whether you’re working through a summer theme with your preschoolers or you’re looking for new books to read, don’t miss these summer books for preschoolers.

Whether you’re preparing your kids for camp or you’re just adding to your summer book list, don’t miss these books about summer camp!

Add these books about the sun to your preschool units about the weather or seasons. You can also add them to your Letter Ss lesson plans.

Gather a collection of books about sunflowers as you head into summer! Kids can learn about the life cycle of the sunflower and more!


This amazing collection of Thanksgiving books for kids includes stories about pilgrims, turkeys, thankfulness, and more.

Our Favorite Turtle Books for Kids – What a great collection of turtle books for preschoolers and young readers. This list includes both fiction and nonfiction books to teach more about turtles.


• coming soon!


27 Valentines Books for Preschoolers – This Valentine’s Day, snuggle up with your preschoolers and read one or more of these Valentines books! There are lots of fun picture books to discover on this list!


A Wonderful Collection of Weather Books for Kids – 24 weather books for kids! Use these books to teach about all the different types of weather with fun stories and nonfiction books.

Books About Wind for Preschoolers – These books about wind for preschoolers are perfect for your spring lesson plans! You can add them to your weather unit, too.

You don’t want to miss this collection of winter books for children! You’ll find books about winter animals, holidays, and more.

No matter the season, you can read books about sunny weather to your preschoolers.


• coming soon!


• coming soon!


• 24 of Our Favorite Preschool Zoo Books – Let’s go to the zoo! If you can’t head to the zoo, you can read about it! Grab one or more of these fun preschool zoo books, and snuggle up with your favorite little monkey.

Preschool Books About Zoo Animals – These preschool books about zoo animals are perfect for your little ones! Prepare them for a trip to the zoo or just read about their favorite animals.

If you’re looking for a specific book list, please leave me a comment, and I’ll add it to my growing list.