How to Talk to Preschoolers About Their Behavior

My little boy stomps, growls, and roars pretending to be a tyrannosaurus rex. Needless to say his sister isn’t amused when our little t-rex bites her treasured monkeys to carry them off to his lair.

Using our children’s imagination can be an excellent place to start a discussion about proper behavior with our preschoolers. Instead of telling our kids they shouldn’t throw toys or scream, we instead discuss how dinosaurs should behave.

Instead of lecturing your preschoolers when they misbehave, try this unique and non-confrontational way to talk to your preschoolers about appropriate behavior. |

Talking to Preschoolers About Behavior

There’s a series of dinosaur books by Jane Yolen  and Mark Teague which does exactly that. These books begin by showing various dinosaurs misbehaving. The dinosaurs throw mugs, pick on friends, and hog toys. They’re horribly behaved.

By the end of the book the dinosaurs are behaving. They show how a little dinosaur should behave at bedtime, during meals, or at school. This series makes discussing proper behavior with our children easy.

How Do Dinosaurs Say I’m Mad ~ Have you have had a child lose their temper and throw a fit? I think we all have been there done that. The little dinosaur in this book was so mad he even threw a mug at the cat. However the book doesn’t stop there. It moves on to show how a little dinosaur can calm down, apologize, and make things right.

How Does a Dinosaur Go to School walks children through proper behavior at school. Kids aren’t born knowing not to yell or hog attention at show and tell. How Does a Dinosaur Go to School walks children through appropriate behavior at school with a lighthearted approach your preschoolers will enjoy.

How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends ~ Kids don’t always play well with their friends. They refuse to share and hog the slide. If you’ve ever wanted a way to remind your children how to behave with their friends, this book is your answer. It will gently guide your children to better behavior.

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon ~ Sick children often don’t want to take their medicine or see the doctor. How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon walks children through proper behavior, such as using a hankie and getting lots of rest.

How Does a Dinosaur Say Good Night ~ Saying good night is never easy for preschoolers. They want to stay up, play, and read another book. They may even roar. But that’s not how a dinosaur should say good night. If you’re wanting a fun way to chat about how your child should go to bed, this lively book will start the conversation.

Chatting about our bad behavior isn’t fun for anyone, not even preschoolers. However our children still need to learn how to behave in various situations. Discussing how little dinosaurs behave in various situations is a marvelous solution, especially when you have a little dinosaur stomping around the house biting the stuffed animals.

How do you talk to preschoolers about their behavior?

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