7 Fun Counting Activities to Do with Your Preschooler

Don’t stress about teaching your preschooler to count. Instead use one of these fun counting activities to entice your child to count without realizing what they’re doing.

Don't stress about teaching your preschooler to count. Instead use one of these fun counting activities to entice your child to count without realizing what they're doing. | homeschoolpreschool.net

Counting Activities for Preschoolers

1. Count M&Ms

The first counting activity my kids adore is to count M&Ms. Count the blue M&Ms. Count the yellow ones. Compare which color as the most and which color has the least. To be honest, what truly delights my little ones is when we begin subtracting. Subtracting obviously means to eat the M&M.

You’ll find your children becoming little math whizzes in no time counting with M&Ms. If you’d like more math activities for M&Ms, try the M&M’s Brands Chocolate Candy Counting Book!

2. Count Squirrels on a Walk

Did you ever see the dogs in Up? Every time they see a squirrel they shout “Squirrel!” and focus with all their attention on it. Rather like my son, as a matter of fact.

If your child is anything like mine, try counting squirrels the next time you go for a walk. Put the fascination with the bushy tailed critters to good use as you teach your child to count.

3. Create a Tower

Towers are always popular in my house. The kids spend hours building the towers as tall as they can until the towers come crashing down. Challenge your preschoolers to build the tallest tower they can and keep track by counting the number of blocks used.

Your kids will be counting the blocks like champions in an effort to win the competition.

4. Count Cans

Just because you’re going shopping doesn’t mean math needs to stop. Instead keep the counting activities going by counting the number of cans you’re purchasing on the shopping expedition.

Have your kids sort the cans for another mathematical activity they can do in the cart.

5. Hop on One Leg

Children love challenges so try challenging your children to hop on one leg while you count the number of times.

Keep a score card going so your child can keep track of the record number of times he’s hopped on one leg and counted the total.

6. Count Steps

Just how many steps do you have in your house? To be honest I have no idea how many steps are in mine despite living here for over a decade.

Ask your children to climb the stairs in your house and count the steps. You can even let everyone guess the correct number and see whose guess is closest to the correct number.

7. Count Money

Kids are fascinated by money. They know money can purchase toys, candy, cookies, and bananas. However counting money can be a bit tricky. Get your kids started by simply counting pennies in a jar before teaching your kids to count by tens.

I enjoy using dimes and pennies to teach children to count by ones, count by tens, and then count to a hundred or more.

Counting is an important skill for preschoolers to have, but there’s no reason you need to resort to just chanting the numbers all day long. Challenge your children with these fun counting activities and soon they’ll love to count anything and everything.

What is your favorite counting activity?

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