Rocket Ship Craft

Looking for an easy rocket ship craft for kids? Our simple paper quilled rocket craft includes a printable template, making it perfect for home and school.

This rocket craft is appropriate all year long! Whether your kids are learning about space and astronauts or just focusing on the Letter R, this preschool craft is a great way to extend your lessons. 

rocket-craft-2 Rocket Ship Craft

This fun craft project is made even easier when you print out the free rocket craft template below. 

Rockets and outer space are so much fun to teach and learn about! They’re even more fun to craft. Kids will love making this preschool rocket craft and zooming around the room with it when they’re done. 

Rocket Craft for Kids

Your little ones will enjoy making this rocket ship craft, and you’ll love how easy it is for them to complete with the free printable template below

What You’ll Need

colored craft papers | pencil | scissors | craft glue

What You’ll Do

To begin, select different colored craft papers. Construction paper and scrapbook paper work best.

Prepare the template patterns by printing and cutting them out. Trace the patterns on the selected colored craft papers using a pencil. Use scissors to cut out the patterns.  

rocket-craft-preschool Rocket Ship Craft

Take the small flame cut out and glue it on the big flame cut out. Now take the two circles and stick them on the main rocket piece. 

Glue the top edge of the flame pattern and overlap the bottom part of the main rocket. Press the overlapped glued part to make sure that they stick together. 

Now glue the rest of the parts to complete the rocket pattern. While the glue dries cut some strips of paper for quilling.

preschool-rocket-craft Rocket Ship Craft

If you’d like, kids can add quilled papers on the windows, top end, and the flame of the paper rocket.

Prepare paper quilled teardrop shapes for the flame, a triangle shape for the top end and round loose coils for the windows.

To create the quilled shapes, follow the instruction in this Quilled Paper Designs tutorial. This part is completely optional.

Stick the prepared paper quilled shapes on the parts of the rocket as you want. Wait till the glue dries entirely.

rocket-craft-3 Rocket Ship Craft

Enhance Your Activity Time

These space themed writing prompts are designed for emergent writers. The simple preschool writing prompts will give new writers confidence. They are out of this world!

Weaving paper is great for fine motor skills. Kids can build those skills as they make this rocket craft for preschoolers! Don’t miss the printable template that will help get you started.

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