Preschool Alphabet Activities

Each one of these preschool alphabet activities featured will help teach, reinforce, or review the letters of the alphabet. Add these alphabet activities for preschoolers to your lesson plans.

Learning the alphabet is a huge task for preschoolers. They have to learn to identify each letter – uppercase and lowercase.

Then, they have to learn the sounds each letter makes and many letters make more than one sound.

Each one of these alphabet activities featured will help teach, reinforce, or review the letters of the alphabet. Many focus on beginning sounds, as well.

Each one of the activities featured below will help teach, reinforce, or review the letters of the alphabet. Many focus on beginning sounds, as well.

30 Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers

Dump Truck Pick Up Alphabet Game – Preschoolers will love driving around the room picking up the alphabet in their dump trucks. Homeschool Preschool

ABC Dot Pages – Fill in each letter of the alphabet with a dot marker or circle stickers. Homeschool Preschool

Alphabet Sensory Play – Sensory play takes learning to a whole new level. Here’s a great sensory bin that goes with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Natural Beach Living

Fingerprint Alphabet Art – There’s a fingerprint creation for every letter! Easy Peasy and Fun

Alphabet Ball Game – Here’s a fun way to get kids moving as you play one of five fun learning games with a bouncy ball. Hands On As We Grow

How to Teach the Alphabet with LEGO Duplo Blocks – Kids will practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters with simple activity. Pre-K Pages

Drive the Car on the Road Letters – These printables are perfect for car-loving kids! They’ll love driving their cars around each letter. Gift of Curiosity

Alphabet Puzzles – Alphabet puzzle printables help your preschoolers focus on letter recognition, letter matching, and beginning sounds. These wild west ABC puzzles are fun! Homeschool Preschool

Make a Pool Noodle Alphabet Basket – Pool noodles make inexpensive hands-on learning tools in this fun ABC activity. The Educators Spin On It

Letter of the Week Crafts –  I love every one of these fun Letter of the Week crafts! I bet your preschoolers will, too! Crystal and Co.

Glitter Alphabet Slime – Slime is an amazing sensory experience for kids. Combine it with alphabet beads, and let your kids explore. I Heart Crafty Things

Alphabet Target Practice with Water Guns – I’ve never met a kid who didn’t like being on the shooting end of a water gun! Can your preschoolers identify (and shoot) the correct letter? I Can Teach My Child

Alphabet Fine Motor Fun – From tracing each letter in playdough to outlining it with small beads, each step of this activity helps kids learn the alphabet and builds fine motor skills. Childhood 101

Alphabet Clip Cards – Kids will work on beginning sounds and their fine motor skills with these alphabet clip cards. Homeschool Preschool

Apple Alphabet Puzzles – Autumn is the perfect time to print out these apple-themed alphabet puzzles. Kids will practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters. The Letters of Literacy

Alphabet Play Dough – These playdough mats are perfect for helping kids learn to properly form each letter without the need for paper and pencil. Learning 4 Kids

Alphabet Sensory Play Search and Find – Read Alphabet Mystery, and then let your preschoolers hunt for the alphabet in this fun sensory bin. Little Bins for Little Hands

Handprint Animals: A Complete A – Z Set – From aliens to zebras, there is a handprint animal for every letter of the alphabet! Compile them in a binder throughout the school year, and your preschoolers will have their very own alphabet animal books to look at over and over again. Red Ted Art

A Bee C Matching Cards – Little ones will have fun matching each “lowercase” bee to its corresponding “uppercase” flower in this fun printable that’s perfect for spring and summer. Homeschool Preschool

Move and Groove Gross Motor Alphabet Game – Build letters on the floor with painters tape. Call out a letter (or hold up a flashcard) and have your child go stand on it. This is a fun way to get the whole body involved in learning the alphabet. No Time for Flash Cards

Learning Letters with Alphabet Soup – Kids will love mixing and pouring and scooping as they make this very unique version of “alphabet soup”. Dirt and Boogers

Alphabet Letter Charades – How about a fun gross motor activity! Get kids moving as they use their bodies to form the letters of the alphabet. Coffee Cups and Crayons

Hammer the Alphabet – I’m sure all kids will love hammering “nails” into each letter of the alphabet. This activity familiarizes preschoolers with what each letter looks like as well as building fine motor skills. Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Fine Motor ABCs – By covering up large letters with small items, little ones will work on their fine motor skills as they “trace” the letters of the alphabet. A Dab of Glue Will Do

Magnet Letters – Discover three ways you can use magnet letters to help your preschoolers learn the alphabet. Homeschool Preschool

Playing the Alphabet Car Game – Encourage your kids to hunt for each letter of the alphabet on signs and billboards on your next road trip. What’s Up Fagans

Beginning Sound Alphabet Shopping – If your kids are ready to work on beginning sounds, send them on a scavenger hunt around the home to search for items that begin with the different letter sounds. Fantastic Fun and Learning

Learn the Alphabet with Play Dough – Here are three hands-on activities to help your preschoolers incorporate playdough into their ABC time. Homeschool Preschool

Alphabet Books

Alphabet books are a great way to help preschoolers and kindergarteners learn their letters. And they don’t have to be boring, either!

There are all sorts of fun and engaging alphabet books out there, from books that teach the letters through rhyming verses to books that feature adorable animals.

Alphabet books can also be a great way for parents and caregivers to bond with their little ones. Reading together is always a special time, and it’s even more special when you’re sharing a book that’s helping your child learn something new.

So whether you’re looking for a gift for a preschooler in your life or you just want to add some new titles to your home library, be sure to check out some alphabet books for kids!

• ABC’s for Boys – This one of a kind, hand illustrated alphabet book combines letters with all of boys’ favorite things–airplanes, dump trucks, and more!

Alpha Oops! The Day Z Went First  – It’s chaos! It’s pandemonium! And it’s definitely not as easy as A-B-C! Here’s a snappy story about the comic confusion that comes when the letters of the alphabet, like a class of unruly children, step out of order and show that each one has a mind of its own.

• Pinkalicious ABC – A is for Apple. B is for Bubble Bath. C is for Cupcake. What could be better than learning your ABC’s with Pinkalicious in this pinkamazing board book?

What activities can I do with my preschooler to help them learn the alphabet?

This sweet set of 26 fabric letters is a great way for your child to play and learn the alphabet. Safe for all ages. And can be machine washed and dried using a small mesh bag. 

These epoxy sprinkle letters are so much fun! They can be used in sensory bins , alongside educational activities, or on their own! 26 letters included!

What is your favorite alphabet activity to do with your preschoolers? 

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