Bee Themed Letter Matching Games

What’s the buzz? This bee-themed alphabet match is just one of many letter matching games you can add to your homeschool preschool lessons this spring!

With the arrival of spring, it’s the perfect time to incorporate spring-themed learning activities into your homeschool preschool lessons.

One such activity is this fun bee-themed preschool alphabet matching game. Kids will have fun matching each bee to its flower.

What's the buzz? This bee-themed alphabet match is just one of many letter matching games you can add to your homeschool preschool lessons this spring!

The bright spring colors and the fun flower/bee theme make this alphabet game great for your spring and summer literacy centers! Kids are going to have a blast matching uppercase and lowercase letters!

Letter Matching Game

Start your lessons with a fun bee-themed alphabet book. The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni is perfect! Preschoolers will see how letters come together to form words and words come together to form sentences.

While you’ve got your little one’s attention, this would also be a great time to introduce the word pollination to your little ones. Talk about how bees help flowers grow as your little one practices matching the uppercase and lowercase letters in this activity.

What You’ll Need

Preparing Your Game

Print out the letter matching game (below), and laminate each page for durability. This will help the cards stand up to active preschoolers, and ensure the activity can be used over and over again. 

Once the pages are laminated, cut them apart so that you have a total of 52 alphabet cards (26 bees and 26 flowers). I prefer to use my paper cutter, because it is much faster!

Once your cards are prepped, your preschoolers are ready to play and learn!

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Alphabet Matching Game

To start, simply lay out the cards face up on a flat surface. Have your child match a bee to its coordinating flower by matching the uppercase and lowercase letters.

For younger children, you can set out a few bees and flowers at a time. Maybe start with 3-5 sets adding a few more as your little one becomes more familiar with the alphabet.

This preschool alphabet matching game is perfect for your spring activities! Your little learners will love helping each bee find its home! |

Variations for Older Children:

For older children, set out the entire alphabet and let your child start matching the letters.

Children who have a good grasp on the alphabet (uppercase and lowercase) can use these cards to practice ABC order. Just have them lay out a handful of cards in ABC order, and then have them match the letters.

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Fill your book basket with a great collection of books about bees. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

If you have a hard time finding them, you can order them through my Amazon affiliate links by clicking the images below.

I Am a Bee“I Am a Bee” teaches basic environmental and biological concepts for kids ages 3 to 7. Vibrant images that match easy to follow facts help children learn beginning science on the life of a honey bee.

Turn This Book Into a Beehive! Turn This Book Into a Beehive! lets kids make a difference in the world—building a home where bees can thrive is one small but critical step in reversing the alarming trend of dwindling bee populations.

The Life and Times of a Honeybee – In concise, detailed text and abundant illustrations that range from the humorous to the scientific, Charles Micucci offers a wide-ranging and spirited introduction to the life cycle, social organization, and history of one of the world’s most useful insects. 


Learning about honey bees can be loads of fun. This honey pot of honey bees makes a fabulous addition to learning about the honey bee life cycle and how our food chain is dependent upon the honey bee. 

Here’s a fun felt beehive counting set for kids! The set comes with 10 honeycombs numbered 1-10 and 10 honey bees. Bees can fly in and out of the hole in the honeycomb.

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