Kindergarten Christmas Math

Our free kindergarten Christmas math worksheets are perfect for helping your little ones practice important math concepts while getting in the holiday spirit.

There are a variety of different worksheets available in this printable pack that focus on various skills such as counting, addition, skip counting, symmetry, and more.

Your young learners will have a blast completing these fun and festive worksheets while developing their math skills at the same time!

Make sure your child has plenty of opportunities to learn and practice their math skills this Christmas season.

You can find many different free preschool printables here on Homeschool Preschool that will help them do just that.

Kindergarten Christmas Math

This kindergarten math pack includes ten worksheets designed to help students strengthen important skills with fun holiday graphics on each page.

The different skills kindergarteners will practice with these worksheets include counting, addition, skip counting, symmetry, and more.

By completing these fun and festive worksheets, your child will develop their math skills in a fun and enjoyable way.


  • Pencils
  • Paper

Completing the Worksheets

Download and print the worksheets. If you’d like to make them reusable, you can laminate them or slip them in a dry erase pouch.

Introduce your desired math worksheet to the students, explaining that they will be working on basic math skills with a fun holiday-themed twist.

Be sure to check periodically to see if your children have any questions as they complete the activity.

Addressing the questions as they come up can prevent children from completing the entire worksheet incorrectly.

Once your students have finished the worksheets, review the answers together as a class so you can discuss mistakes that may have been made along the way.

What Skills Are Covered?

Addition Practice – Students will solve addition problems within 10.

Color Words – Practice reading color words and coloring gingerbread men accordingly.

Comparing Numbers – Kids will compare two numbers in each set, and color the one that is larger.

Symmetry – Demonstrate knowledge of symmetry by dividing shapes into two equal parts.

Christmas Ten Frames – Kids will identify numbers 1-20 and fill in ten frames to match.

Make 10 – Fill in ten frames, and then write number sentences to make ten.

Comparing Weights – Children will look at two items per set and color the object that is heavier.

Number Words – Count ornaments on Christmas trees and write corresponding number words. There is a word bank for children who need a little help spelling the words correctly.

Skip Counting – Children will fill in the number line by skip counting from 2-20.

Christmas Picture Books for Kids

After the worksheets are complete, you can read picture books about Christmas with your students.

Here are a few of our favorites:

More Kindergarten Worksheets

Need even more ideas for your kindergarteners? Try one or more of these.

Christmas Activity Kits

Kindergarten Holiday Math and Writing Book – This book includes five pages of holiday activities to keep your Kindergartners busy during the season! There are three math pages and two writing pages designed to keep your students skills sharp in a fun and festive way!

Grinch Resin Numbers – The grinch isn’t a bad guy, he’s just misunderstood. Help him count his hearts! This kit comes with numbers 0-10 and 20 glittery hearts. Perfect for counting and any math manipulatives.

Design a Gingerbread House Math Craft – Engage your kids this December with this fun math craft! Your students will work on number identification, counting sets, and one to one correspondence all while using their creativity to Design a Gingerbread House.

More Christmas Math Activities

These Christmas-themed math worksheets are perfect for reinforcing kindergarten math skills with a fun and engaging twist.

Plus, they help children develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and logical reasoning skills.

With our worksheets, you can be sure your students are having fun while learning essential math skills that will help them in school and beyond.

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