Insect Activities for Preschoolers

There are so many awesome things to learn about insects. These insect activities for preschoolers will help you dig deep into different insects in our world.

Young children love getting up close to the creepy crawly insects around them. They’re fascinated by butterflies and ladybugs.

Bees and ants may frighten them a bit, but as they learn fun facts about them the fear lessens.

You could spend the spring months focusing on bees and butterflies before switching your focus to ladybugs and fireflies in the summer months.

Either way, this collection of insect activities is a great place to start your search for activities to add to your units.

Insect Activities for Preschoolers

This growing collection is where I’ll round up all of my insect-themed posts. They’ll include book lists, crafts, printables, and hands-on activities for kids ages 3-6.

Many of the activities can be adapted for use with slightly younger and slightly older students if necessary.

Insect Preschool Activities

This spring and summer, use this Life Cycle of Insects for Preschool bundle to teach your preschoolers about bees, butterflies, and ladybugs!

Preschoolers will work on early math and literacy skills with this pack of preschool insect theme printables. 50 pages of learning fun! 

Bug Preschool Activities

Do your kids love bugs? Help them learn more about them by reading these children’s books about bugs! These nonfiction selections are awesome for kids!

Help your child become familiar with their name in print with this hands-on insect-themed name recognition activity. It’s perfect for spring and summer learning.

Your kids will love helping you make this Love Bug Valentines Day countdown chain! What a cute decoration that provides a little counting practice, too.

More Bugs and Insects Preschool Activities

Bee activities for preschoolers! Find crafts, printables, book lists, and more. Come discover what the buzz is all about!

The spring and summer months are the best time to plan butterfly activities for preschoolers. Gather books, make crafts, and teach the life cycle.


This wooden butterfly puzzle brain game will promote hand-eye coordination, develop problem-solving skills and improve matching skills. In addition, it can stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity.

This beautiful butterfly lacing toy is great for practicing the sewing motion. It’s made of solid cherry wood, and finished with my homemade organic beeswax polish. The “needle” is attached to the natural cotton “thread” to make it easy to poke through the holes. 

That’s it for now! Be sure to check back regularly as this post will be updated often to reflect my newest insect-themed activities.

If you are looking for something specific, let me know!

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