If You Give a Dog a Donut Free Printables

Our brand new If You Give a Dog a Donut free printables are a fun way for preschoolers to dig a little deeper into the classic story from Laura Numeroff.

These book-based printables are the perfect way to make learning fun for your preschoolers as they learn about the letter D, size sorting, scissor practice, and more!

Storytime can be an effective and enjoyable way to help children learn how to read, write, and comprehend language.

Engaging stories like If You Give a Dog a Donut are filled with characters, settings, and situations that can easily be expanded upon with our free printables.

What’s Included in the Printable Pack?

There are ten pages in the pack including:

  • coloring pages
  • handwriting practice pages
  • size sorting
  • cutting practice
  • beginning sounds
  • q-tip painting

What’s this book about?

If You Give a Dog a Donut is a classic children’s story by Laura Numeroff, illustrated by Felicia Bond.

The book follows the adventures of an unnamed boy and his pet dog as they explore what happens when you give a dog a donut. It’s sure to be a favorite in your home or classroom!

If You Give a Dog a Donut Read Aloud

If you don’t have a copy of this book in your classroom library, show this read-aloud video to your preschoolers.

Who are these printables best suited for?

These free printables are ideal for preschoolers of all ages. Younger preschoolers will enjoy coloring and Q-tip painting activities.

Children aged 4 and 5 can benefit from handwriting practice pages, beginning sound work, size sorting, and cutting practice. These activities help build manual dexterity as well as reinforce language concepts such as letters of the alphabet and vocabulary words from the story.

How will these printables benefit preschoolers’ development?

These printables benefit preschoolers in many ways. Activities like handwriting and cutting practice help develop fine motor skills that are necessary for writing and academic tasks.

Coloring pages and Q-tip painting activities are also beneficial for increasing creativity and problem-solving skills.

Plus, the letter and beginning sound activities provide a great way to introduce phonics and help children learn how to recognize and use letters of the alphabet in reading.

If You Give a Dog a Donut Preschool Activities

Our free If You Give a Dog a Donut Preschool Printables are designed to help promote early literacy skills and cognitive development in young children.

Coloring Pages

This printable pack includes two coloring pages – one dog and one donut. Children will color the pages and trace the words at the bottom of the page.

Handwriting Practice

Children will trace the letters D and d as well as the words dog and donut. Then, children can color the picture at the bottom of each page.

Vocabulary Words

Children will name the pictures on the page. Then, they’ll trace the name of each one. Finally, they can color the pictures, if they’d like.

Visual Discrimination

Children will strengthen visual discrimination skills as they color or circle the smallest object in each row.

Scissor Practice

I like to print the scissor practice page on colored paper. Then, I cut out each strip. Finally, preschoolers will strengthen fine motor skills as they cut each strip on the dotted lines.

Beginning Sounds

Have children name each picture on the page. Then, they’ll dot or color the letter that represents the beginning sound.

Q-tip Painting

This page tends to be a favorite with little ones. Have them use a q-tip dipped in paint to fill in the circles to form D and d. Then, they can color the dog and the donut if they’d like.

More Laura Numeroff Book Activities

Check out our Laura Numeroff Book Activities for more preschool fun!

These activities will help preschoolers build manual dexterity, increase creativity, and reinforce language concepts such as letters of the alphabet and vocabulary words from the story.

Using the If You Give a Dog a Donut read-aloud video and the accompanying printables, parents and teachers can create an engaging experience that will help preschoolers develop reading readiness skills and have lots of fun in the process!

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  1. Laura Numeroff is visiting our public library in a few weeks! I can’t wait to use these activities with my littles. I have a Mouse(stuffed toy) that is in her books…. I’m hoping she will sign him for me!