If You Give a Mouse a Brownie Printables

If you give your preschoolers these worksheets, they’re sure to have tons of fun! Come discover these If You Give a Mouse a Brownie printables.

If your young learners love Laura Numeroff’s circular stories as much as mine do, they’re going to love these fun If You Give a Mouse a Brownie activities.

In this free printable pack, you’ll discover many great learning activities that focus on early math and literacy skills.

If You Give a Mouse a Brownie Printables

Before you begin your activities, you’ll want to read If You Give a Mouse a Brownie with your preschoolers. Your kids will get a kick out of Mouse’s antics in the 9th book in Laura Numeroff’s “If You Give…” series.

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This If You Give a Mouse a Brownie book based activity pack is designed to help your preschoolers focus on early math and literacy skills.

Inside, you’ll find the following activities:

• Word/Picture Cards: Use these cards to introduce your preschoolers to the vocabulary in the story. Then, let them put the cards in order as you read the story aloud. Once they’ve got the cards in the correct order that they appear in the story, they can use the cards as prompts to retell the story.

• Pencil Control: Help mouse find his brownie by tracing the lines in each row. If you laminate this page, it can be used over and over again.

• Letter “M” Motor Skills: To help little ones fine tune their motor skills, they will complete an “M” maze, dot-to-dot, dot the letter, and cutting practice page. The maze and dot-to-dot can also be laminated and used over and over again.

• Dot Marker Pages: Students will use dot markers or circle stickers to fill in each circle. They can color, trace, or dot the large letter on the page, as well. This, too, is good fine motor practice.

• Handwriting: Students will trace the letters M and m, and then there is room for them to practice writing the letters on their own.

• Letter Hunt: There are two letter hunt pages. On each, your child will search for and identify all of the letters M and m.

• If You Give a Mouse a Brownie coloring page: Follow the directions to color the mouse.

• Beginning Sounds: Students will say the name of each picture listening for the beginning sound and glue it in the box with the corresponding beginning letter.

• Color and Write: Color the pictures, and write the words at the bottom of the page.

• Write the “M” Words: Color the pictures, if desired. Then, trace the words that begin with /m/.

• Label It: Read the words at the bottom of the page, and glue them under the correct picture.

• Color and Write: This time, preschoolers will trace the sentence after they color the picture.

• Write the Words: Students will trace words from the story.

• Counting Practice: On the first page, students will count the images and circle the correct number in each row. On the second page, students will count the images and glue the correct number beside each set.

• Roll and Cover: Roll a dice, count the dots, and cover the number on the page.

• Trace the Shapes: This is great fine motor practice!

• Graphing: Assemble the dice. Complete the graph, and then complete the recording sheet provided.

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