Halloween Safety Tips for Preschoolers

Follow these simple Halloween safety tips for preschoolers. They’ll ensure your family makes memories not mistakes on Halloween night!

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the frenzy and chaos of your Halloween preschool activities. The kids are anxious to get out the door. You’re checking to see if the neighbors have started yet.

You’ve split the duties so someone is taking the kids out while someone else (an older sibling or spouse, maybe) is home passing out candy to the neighborhood kids.

Be sure you do whatever you can to keep your kids safe this Halloween.

Follow these simple Halloween safety tips for preschoolers. They'll ensure your family makes memories not mistakes on Halloween night!

Halloween Safety Tips for Preschoolers

Cross the street at corners. 

Not only should you cross at the corners, but you and your kids should look both ways before crossing. There’s nothing scarier, for mom or the driver of a car, for a little one to dart out unexpectedly between cars parked on the street.

Halloween typically brings an increase in neighborhood traffic so everyone needs to be more aware.

Trick or treat with an adult. 

As parents of preschoolers, I’m sure this is a no-brainer. However, older siblings should still go out with an adult.

The adult can hang behind a few houses so older kids feel more independent. I know others who follow behind in their car so kids are ‘on their own’ but still supervised.

Keep costumes safe. 

Use face paint or makeup if possible to avoid masks that can obstruct your child’s vision. Make sure princess dresses aren’t too long that your little one will trip. Stick to flats and flat-soled shoes instead of shoes with heels.

Wear or carry glow sticks or put a piece of reflective tape on the back of your child’s costume so that they can be seen.

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Stay in areas that are familiar.

Take your children to neighborhoods you know and are familiar with. Only knock at houses with a porch light on.

Unless you know the baker, don’t let your child accept homemade goods or items that aren’t commercially wrapped.

Follow these simple Halloween safety tips for preschoolers. They'll ensure your family makes memories not mistakes on Halloween night!

Do you have any Halloween safety tips to add?


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Teaching Resources

These Halloween Lacing Boards are designed to make learning fun. They’re great for teaching kids fine motor skills, precise hand movements, and how to focus their attention. Your children will have so much fun with this toy, they won’t realize they are learning.

This LEGO set features a Vampire with large fangs, movable claws, vest, bow tie and a billowing black cape, plus a small pet bat with movable wings!

Whether you are looking for the perfect Halloween snack idea or fun fall snack ideas, this is it. These easy Pumpkin Patch Snacks are super cute and always the highlight of the day. 

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