Alien Color by Number

Color-by-number worksheets are a fantastic way to engage preschoolers in learning while having fun. Our alien color by number activity is perfect for introducing young children to numbers, colors, and outer space. These worksheets enhance their fine motor skills and spark their imagination about aliens and outer space.

Preschoolers love activities that allow them to explore new themes, and our alien-themed color number does just that. The colorful, whimsical alien in a spaceship captures their attention and makes learning enjoyable. They playfully practice essential skills as they fill in each section according to the number code.

Alien color by number worksheet with a friendly green alien

These color by number space worksheets are versatile and can be used at home or in the classroom. They provide a structured yet creative outlet for children to express themselves.

Plus, they’re a great way for parents and teachers to introduce concepts of numbers and colors engagingly and memorably. Download our free printables and watch your preschoolers have a blast while they learn!



Why Alien Color by Number is Great for Preschoolers

These free preschool printables are an excellent resource for teaching preschoolers about numbers and colors. By following the color code, children practice number recognition and color matching.

Plus, the alien theme adds an element of excitement, making learning feel like an adventure. These activities can be used at home or in the classroom, providing a fun and educational way to reinforce basic skills.

Free Alien Color by Number Printables

These worksheets feature different alien characters and scenes from outer space, each with its color code. They’re perfect for keeping your little ones entertained while they learn.

  • Boosts number recognition and color matching skills
  • Encourages creativity and imagination
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Perfect for both home and classroom settings

What materials do I need for the alien color by number activity?

You will need the printable worksheet and coloring materials such as crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Preschool color by number featuring an alien in a spaceship

Can this activity be used in a classroom setting?

Yes, this activity is perfect for both home and classroom settings. It’s a great way to keep children engaged and learning.

Color by number activity sheet with an alien spaceship

Alien Color by Number

Our space alien color by number activity offers two exciting pages designed to engage preschoolers in learning while they have fun with outer space themes. The first page features numbers 1-10, perfect for introducing young children to basic number recognition and color matching.

The second page takes it a step further with numbers 11-20, providing an additional challenge as they advance in their learning journey. These worksheets not only help develop fine motor skills but also ignite imagination with delightful alien illustrations.

These activities are a fantastic way to combine creativity and education at home or in the classroom.

Completing the Activity

To complete the alien color by number activity, start by gathering your printable worksheet and coloring materials. Explain to your child how the color code works, and guide them in finding the corresponding numbers.

As they begin coloring, encourage them to say the numbers out loud to reinforce their learning. Finally, display their finished artwork to celebrate their accomplishment.

Color by number activity sheet with an alien spaceship

Are there different levels of difficulty available?

Yes, we offer two worksheets with different levels of complexity to cater to various skill levels. One features numbers 1-10, while the other features numbers 11-20.

Space Activities for Preschoolers

Exploring outer space themes can be a thrilling adventure for preschoolers. These activities not only spark their curiosity but also reinforce important learning concepts through play. Here are some exciting space activities and crafts to complement your alien color by number worksheets.

Rocket Ship Craft

The Rocket Ship Craft for preschoolers is a fun, hands-on activity that introduces children to paper weaving. Using colored cardstock, glue, scissors, and a printable rocket template, kids cut strips of paper and weave them into a pre-cut rectangle to create a colorful rocket. After weaving, they assemble the rocket by gluing on additional pieces like the top, sides, window, and flames. This craft helps develop fine motor skills and can be a great addition to space-themed learning units.

Coffee Filter Planets Craft

The Coffee Filter Planets Craft is an engaging and educational activity perfect for preschoolers. Using simple materials like coffee filters, markers, and a spray bottle, children color the filters to represent different planets and then spray them with water to create a watercolor effect. This craft teaches about the planets in our solar system while developing fine motor skills and creativity. The finished planets can be displayed as sun catchers, adding a colorful and educational touch to any room.

Space-Themed Sensory Bin

The Space-Themed Sensory Bin is an interactive activity that engages preschoolers in sensory exploration and imaginative play. Using materials like black beans or rice, glitter, small plastic astronauts, and space-themed toys, children can dig, scoop, and explore a mini outer space environment. This activity enhances fine motor skills and sensory development while sparking curiosity about space. It’s a versatile and fun addition to any space-themed learning unit.

Space-Themed Storytime

Choose books about space and aliens to read aloud to your preschooler. Titles like “There’s No Place Like Space” and “Aliens Love Underpants” are perfect for capturing their imagination. Reading together helps develop literacy skills and fosters a love of books.

Moon Sand Play

Make your own moon sand using flour and baby oil. This moldable sand can be shaped into moons and craters, providing a fun and tactile play experience. Playing with moon sand enhances fine motor skills and sensory development.

DIY Constellation Viewer

Create a constellation viewer using a toilet paper roll, black construction paper, and a flashlight. Punch holes in the paper to represent different constellations and attach it to one end of the roll. When shining the flashlight through, it projects the constellation onto a wall. This activity teaches about stars and constellations while being a fun DIY project.

By incorporating these space activities for preschoolers into your routine, you can create a rich, educational experience that blends creativity, learning, and fun. These activities complement the alien color by number worksheets perfectly, offering a comprehensive approach to exploring outer space with your little ones.

Cute alien color by number for preschoolers

Alien coloring by numbers are an exciting and educational way to teach preschoolers about numbers and colors. They encourage creativity, enhance fine motor skills, and provide a fun learning experience.

Whether used at home or in the classroom, these activities will surely be a hit with your little ones. Download your free printables today and start exploring the wonders of outer space with your preschooler!

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