Blueberries for Sal Activities

I have the perfect read-aloud for your preschoolers! If you’re looking for fun book-based printables for your little ones, our brand-new Blueberries for Sal activities are just what you need.

When you add book activities for preschoolers to your daily lesson plans, your children will better be able to make connections with the stories you read.

This pack is definitely one you’re going to want to add to your summer lesson plans!

Order a copy of Blueberries for Sal.

Grab a copy of this book that is perfect for your preschoolers! It will make a great addition to your lessons based on the Letter Bb, blueberries, bears, nature, and more.

Blueberries for Sal

Blueberries for Sal, written and illustrated by Robert McCloskey, is a beloved children’s book that has captivated generations of young readers since its publication in 1948.

This charming story follows the adventures of a little girl named Sal as she goes blueberry picking with her mother on a beautiful hillside. Along the way, Sal encounters a curious bear cub and their paths unexpectedly intertwine.

Its enduring appeal makes it an excellent choice for parents and educators looking to introduce young children to the joys of literature and the wonders of the world around them.

Book-Based Activities for Kids

Adding book activities to your daily lesson plans is a fantastic idea, as it helps young learners grow and learn in so many ways.

These activities make reading super fun and engaging, while also helping kids practice different skills and ideas.

Check out some of the coolest reasons why you should include book activities in preschoolers’ daily lesson plans:

  • They promote literacy skills.
  • They foster a love for reading.
  • They encourage critical thinking.
  • They enhance creativity and imagination.
  • They support social-emotional development.
  • They reinforce cross-curricular learning.
  • They boost retention.
  • They provide opportunities for differentiation.

Integrating book activities into daily lesson plans is an effective way to enhance your preschooler’s learning experience, promote essential skills, and foster a love for reading.

These activities provide engaging and meaningful opportunities for young children to explore literature while supporting their overall development.

Blueberries for Sal Read-Aloud

If you don’t have a copy of this book in your personal or classroom library, you can listen to a read-aloud version below.

What’s included in this pack?

This pack of no-prep printables contains seven print-and-go activities designed to strengthen early learning skills. You’ll receive:

  • color and trace the word
  • color and trace the letters x2
  • color and trace the words
  • circle the smallest in each set
  • scissor practice
  • Q-tip painting

Color and Trace Worksheets

Whether your kids are tracing letters or words, these worksheets are perfect for helping little one’s practice letter recognition, beginning sounds, and letter formation.

Then, they get to be creative as they color in the pictures on each of the pages.

Circle the Smallest

Children will practice visual discrimination as they assess the images in each row and find the one that is the smallest.

Cutting Practice

I like to print this page on colored cardstock. I find the thicker paper easier for preschoolers to manage. Once you’ve printed the page and cut out the strips, kids will cut each strip on the dotted line.

Q-Tip Painting

Painting with q-tips is such a fun way to strengthen fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. As kids complete this page, they’ll also work on letter recognition and beginning sounds.

More Educational Resources

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Blueberry Educational Activities

Adding this pack of printables to your summer lesson plan is a great way to keep your preschoolers engaged and learning during the summer months.

These educational resources will help ensure that young students are constantly being challenged while still having fun.

The activities are easy enough for parents and teachers to use with their students, making this pack an invaluable addition to any lesson plan.

What a great way to help your little ones stay on track with learning during the summer months! So grab yourself a copy of Blueberries for Sal, download our activities pack, and start taking advantage of all that it has to offer.

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