Dinosaur Count and Graph Worksheets

If you plan to teach dinosaurs this year, be sure to add these fun dinosaur count and graph worksheets to your preschool activities!

Count and graph worksheets are a lot fun for preschoolers and kindergarteners! Kids can practice counting and writing numbers to ten. Graphing the results of the “I Spy” page makes for great math conversation using words like more, less, most, least, and all together.

This dinosaur count and graph activity is a great way for preschoolers to practice counting and graphing skills any time of the year.

As you plan out your dinosaur-themed lessons, be sure to add free preschool printables like this one to your day.

Dinosaur Count and Graph

This is a fun, no-prep set of dinosaur-themed count and graph worksheets for preschool aged children or kindergarten kiddos who need a little practice with counting and/or writing numbers.

These print-and-go worksheets are perfect for busy preschool moms and teachers, because they’re quick and easy to put together. You can also add these pages to your Letter Dd preschool activities.

To complete this count and graph activity, show your preschoolers how to find and count the first image. Count all of the green dinosaurs with yellow spikes. Finding the correct dinosaur helps young children build visual discrimination skills.

If your kids have trouble keeping track of which ones they’re already counted, have them use a counter (mini dinosaur eraser, colored gem, etc) to cover the dinosaurs as they count them.

When your preschooler is done counting the green and yellow dinosaurs, have him write that number in the box under the first column. Instruct him to continue in this manner as they count the other five images.

Once your students have completed the I Spy portion of this activity pack, show them how to graph the results on the graphing page.

Have them color one square for each image they found according to the image at the bottom of each column. I like to have kids color each column a different color so they can better see the difference in each column.

Now that they’ve finished the graph, ask some questions to help them compare and analyze the data. Which column has the most? Which has the least? How many more green and yellow dinosaurs are there than blue and pink ones? How many green dinosaurs are there altogether?

These colorful count and graph worksheets are a great way to practice counting and graphing skills all year long. Choose from 30 themes.


There are a couple of different ways you can use this preschool graphing worksheets with your students. To use these pages in a math center, print one copy of the dinosaur I Spy page for the center. Laminate it or slip it in a dry erase pocket.

Then, print out a graphing sheet for each student in the class. Let your preschoolers write the numbers on the counting page with dry erase marker. Then, they can color their graphing page to be turned in for assessment.

You could also laminate the graphing page and let your students use dry erase markers, as well. This is a great way to make the activity reusable for both group and individual use.


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This dinosaur count and graph activity is a great way for preschoolers to practice counting and graphing skills any time of the year.

Purchase Your Printables

This count and graph activity is perfect for your preschool math lessons anytime of the year. It’s available in my store. Click here or click the image below to get the Dinosaur Count and Graph Activity!

This dinosaur count and graph activity is a great way for preschoolers to practice counting and graphing skills any time of the year.

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