Farm Animal Books for Preschoolers

30 awesome farm animal books for preschoolers! These are great for kids of all ages who are learning about animals and life on the farm!

This collection includes more than thirty fiction and nonfiction picture books about farm animals and farm life.

Preschoolers are sure to enjoy each one!

Farm Animal Books for Preschoolers

Below, I’ve featured just a handful of picture books that will help your preschooler learn more about farm animals!

You should be able to find them at your local library or bookstore. If you can’t find them locally, you can click each image cover to purchase them on Amazon.

Where Do Chicks Come From? (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)[Pigs] [Author: Gibbons, Gail] [April, 2000]Barnyard Dance! (Boynton on Board)


Where Do Chicks Come From? | Read and find out all about eggs — and how baby chicks grow inside of them. Learn how chicks develop, how they get the food they need to grow, and how a mother hen helps keep them safe in this simple introduction to the life cycle of a baby chick.

Pigs | Here are many interesting facts about the smartest of all farm animals, including their physical characteristics, their senses, how they communicate, and how they live.

Barnyard Dance | Everybody sing along—because it’s time to do-si-do in the barnyard with a high-spirited animal crew!

Biscuit's Day at the Farm (My First I Can Read)The Berenstain Bears Down on the Farm (I Can Read Level 1)Down by the Barn


Biscuit’s Day at the Farm | Join Biscuit at the farm. Biscuit is going to help out on the farm today and can’t wait to feed all of the farm animals. He makes friends with the hens, the geese, and even an eager little piglet who wants to follow him everywhere!

The Berenstain Bears Down on the Farm | The Bear family is visiting Farmer Ben today. Brother and Sister have so many questions about how the farm works, and Farmer Ben has a lot to teach them. They never knew hard work could be so much fun!

Down by the Barn | Down by the barn, early in the morning, a farmer drives his tractor, stopping along the way to pick up a calf, then a chick, then a pig. The group of animals grows and grows until at last they reach their destination…and find a surprise.

Farmer DuckRosie's WalkThe Jolly Barnyard (Little Golden Book)


Farmer Duck | Farmer Duck isn’t your average duck. This duck cooks and cleans, tends the fields, and cares for the other animals on the farm—all because the owner of the farm is too lazy to do these things himself. But when Farmer Duck finally collapses from exhaustion, the farmyard animals come to the rescue with a simple but heroic plan.

Rosie’s Walk | Rosie the hen leaves the chicken coop and sets out for a little walk. Right behind her is the fox, slyly trying to catch up with her. Rosie’s walk is quiet, uneventful and eventually leads her back to the coop, blissfully unaware of the fox’s travails as he tries — unsuccessfully — to navigate the obstacle course that Rosie has led him through.

The Jolly Barnyard | It’s Farmer Brown’s birthday and the animals are deciding what they’ll do for him on his special day.

Click, Clack, Moo Cows That TypeKiss the Cow!The Little Red Hen (Little Golden Book)


Click, Clack, MOO: Cows That Type | Farmer Brown has a problem. His cows like to type. But Farmer Brown’s problems REALLY begin when his cows start leaving him notes! Come join the fun as a bunch of literate cows turn Farmer Brown’s farm upside-down!

Kiss the Cow! | When a very curious little girl meets a cow named Luella who is even more stubborn than she is, who will be the first to back down?

The Little Red Hen | When the hen asks a cat, dog, and mouse for help planting some wheat, she gets no takers. They won’t water, cut, or grind the wheat or help bake a cake with it. So guess who eats the cake in the end?

On the FarmThe Milk Makers (Reading Rainbow Books)By Karen Beaumont No Sleep for the Sheep! (Hardcover) March 7, 2011


On the Farm | From the bull to the barn cat to the wild bunny, the farmyard bustles with life. The rooster crows, the rams clash, the bees buzz, and over there in the garden, a snake — silent and alone — winds and watches.

The Milk Makers | Cows eat special feed to make good milk. But after the cow is milked, there are still many steps the milk must go through before it reaches you. This book describes them all.

No Sleep for Sheep! | One tired sheep wants nothing more than a good night’s sleep. All is peaceful until—QUACK! Is that a duck at the barn door? And now a goat? A pig? A cow? A horse? Each new unexpected guest is bigger and louder than the last! How will the sheep ever get this barnyard crowd to quiet down before—COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!

A Busy Day at the Farm (A Click Clack Book)Tractor Mac Arrives at the Farm by Billy Steers (2015-05-05)Pete the Cat: Old MacDonald Had a Farm


A Busy Day at the Farm | Follow the pigs, the cows, and Duck as they suffer through their impossibly busy schedules. From working out to having a picnic, it’s no wonder these animals are so tired at the end of the day!

Tractor Mac Arrives at the Farm | Sibley the horse lives on Stony Meadow Farm and is a hard worker the whole year round. Then Tractor Mac arrives at the farm, and suddenly, everything that Sibley used to do, Tractor Mac does, too. Sibley wonders if there is any room left for him…

On the Farm |Join Pete the Cat as he learns the sounds of all the different farm animals – chickens, pigs, and even frogs. Everyone’s favorite groovy cat is groovier than ever in this way-cool adaptation of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”.

Fun on the Farm: A Pop-up BookThe Year At Maple Hill Farm


Fun on the Farm | Follow Mommy Cow as she tries to find Little Calf with some help from her farmyard friends. Kids will love opening the flaps to reveal a 3D pop-up scene!

The Year at Maple Hill Farm | In January, the cows stay in the barnyard, and the chickens don’t lay many eggs. By March, you can tell spring is coming: the barn is filled with baby animals. Month by month, the animals at Maple Hill Farm sense the changing seasons and respond to the changes.

The Farm Book (A Golden Super Shape Book)Noisy Farm (My First)


The Farm Book | This delightfully illustrated book, with vibrant color pictures, details the daily routines of Betty and Bobby, and their farm animal friends the sheep, the pigs, the ponies, the chickens, the cows, and the geese.

Noisy Farm | Touch, feel, and hear the animals on every page of this sturdy board book.

Open the Barn Door (A Chunky Book(R))Farmyard BeatSpot Goes to the Farm board book


Open the Barn Door… | Spend a day on the farm and explore all the animal sights and sounds! Featuring 10 lift the flaps and a variety of barnyard favorites, including horses, chickens, cows, and pigs, this board book is a fun-filled introduction to life on the farm.

Farmyard Beat | As soon as the sun goes down, the animals are up! Before long, there’s a giant farmyard dance party, complete with funny animal sounds. But what happens when all the racket wakes up Farmer Sue?

Spot Goes to the Farm | Join Spot as he visits his dad, working on the farm, and help Spot look for baby animals. Animal sounds pique Spot’s curiosity, and lift-the-flaps reveal who is underneath. After an adventurous search for baby animals, Spot finally finds a litter of kittens.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm (Little Golden Book)Mrs. Wishy-Washy's FarmBig Red Barn


Old MacDonald Had a Farm | How many farmyard noises can you think of? Read and sing along as Old MacDonald visits all the animals on his farm.

Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Farm | Uh-oh. Mrs. Wishy-Washy is at it again. Rubbing and scrubbing all the animals on the farm. But this time they aren’t standing for it. Duck, Cow, and Pig are leaving mean old Mrs. Wishy-Washy for good!

Big Red Barn | As in her classic Goodnight Moon, Brown engages children and helps settle them down for sleep as they follow along with the animals from morning to night in the barnyard.

What are your favorite farm animal books for preschoolers?

Our Favorite Farm Resources

Toddlers and preschoolers will love moving the animals around the farm in this farm playset travel toy.

This Fun on the Farm John Deere playset includes tractors, trailers, farm animals, farmer, and more!

Add some Old MacDonald Had a Farm finger puppets to your pretend play area, and your kids will act out their favorite farm stories over and over again.

Use this life cycle of a cow worksheet to teach your little ones how these adorable creatures change and grow from calf to adult. It’s the perfect addition to your life cycle activities for kids.

Choose one of more of these engaging Farm Board Books to read to your toddlers and preschoolers throughout your farm-themed unit.

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