Tracing Number 5 Worksheet

One way you can help your preschoolers learn to write numbers is with tracing activities like this Tracing Number 5 worksheet.

Not only will this worksheet help your young learner practice recognizing the number 5, but it will help them learn to recognize the word “five” and write both the number and number word.

This worksheet will reinforce number recognition along with motor skills, pencil grip, and pencil control.

The main goals of this free preschool printable is to introduce the number 5 and show how to write it.

We’ll also share games, books, and activities that involve the number. Additionally, preschoolers will learn about rhymes and songs related to the number 5.

Introduce the Number 5

Introducing the number 5 can be a fun and interactive experience for preschoolers. One way to do this is by counting out five objects.

This will help introduce the number 5 in a memorable way. Additionally, counting out five objects can help prepare students for writing the number 5.

Show How to Write the Number 5

Once students have learned how to count out five objects, they can then be shown how to write the number 5.

This can be done by tracing the number 5 over and over again on our worksheet. Additionally, students can practice writing the number 5 on their own on the backside of the printable.

Now that you’ve introduced your child to the number five, you can incorporate this worksheet into your lessons.


When you download today’s freebie, you’ll receive one number tracing workshee.


  • Printer
  • Cardstock or printer paper
  • Laminator and laminating pouches (optional)
  • Pencil/Crayons

Download and print the activity page. If you’d like to make any of the activity reusable, laminate the worksheet or slip it into a dry erase pouch. Then, children can trace the numbers and words with a dry erase marker.


To use this writing activity, your students will identify the large number at the top of the page. They can color the number and the number word below it If they’d like, they can color the number kid, as well.

Then, they’ll trace the number five and the number word over and over again. Encourage kids to work slowly and use their best handwriting.

Number Books for Preschoolers

It can be helpful for preschoolers to learn about numbers through books. There are many great number books for preschoolers that can help teach them about counting and the number 5.

Some of these books include

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed by Eileen Christelow – Their teeth are brushed, their pajamas are on, and as soon as they say good night to Mama, the five little monkeys start to jump on their bed! 

• Chicka Chicka 1 2 3 by Bill Martin, Jr – One hundred and one numbers climb the apple tree in this bright, rollicking, joyous book for young children. As the numerals pile up and bumblebees threaten, what’s the number that saves the day? (Hint: It rhymes with “hero.”) Read and count and play and laugh to learn the surprising answer.

• Counting on Fall by Lizann Flatt – As young readers journey into the natural world, they will discover that numbers, patterns, shapes ― and much more! ― can be found by observing everyday plants and animals. What if animals and plants knew math, just like you? Would leaves fall in patterns? Would whales enter a race?

These books are fun and engaging, and they can help teach preschoolers about numbers in a memorable way.

More Activities to Teach Number 5

There are many fun and engaging hands-on activities that can be used to teach preschoolers about the number 5.

Some of these activities include counting out five objects, writing the number 5, and playing games that involve the number 5.

Additionally, preschoolers can learn about the number 5 through rhymes and songs.

All of these activities will help students learn about the number 5 in a fun and interactive way.

Play Games That Involve the Number 5

There are many fun and interactive games that involve the number 5. These games can help students learn about the number 5 in a fun and engaging way.

Some of these games include I Spy with number, Uno, and any board game that involves counting spaces.

All of these games are great for helping students learn about the number 5.

Sing Rhymes and Songs About the Number 5

There are many greatrhymes and songs about the number 5 that can help preschoolers learn about this number in a fun and engaging way.

Some of these rhymes and songs include “Five Little Ducks”, “Five Green and Speckled Frogs”, and “The Counting Song”.

Singing these rhymes and songs will help students learn about the number 5 in a fun and interactive way.

Teaching preschoolers the number 5 can be done in a variety of ways. You can count out five apples, show how to write the number 5, and play games that involve the number 5. Additionally, using rhymes and songs is a great way to help teach preschoolers the number 5.

By using a combination of these methods, you will be sure to give your students a well-rounded lesson on this important numeral.

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