3 Ways to Teach Preschool with Balloons

Balloons are one of the best toys ever invented. If you doubt, just ask one of my preschoolers. They adore balloons and can never have enough balloons in their life.

Have you ever used balloons to teach your preschooler?

Preschoolers love balloons. Check out these three ways to teach your preschoolers with balloons! | homeschoolpreschool.net

Teach Preschool with Balloons

1. Read Balloon Trees

Have you ever wondered where balloons come from? Perhaps your preschooler has asked but you couldn’t give a good answer.

The book Balloon Trees walks preschoolers through the steps of making balloons from tapping the rubber tree to selling the balloons at your local store.

There’s even an educational section to augment your child’s learning how balloons are made. There’s maps, questions, and sequencing activities to enjoy with your child.

2. Balloon Counting Game

No book on balloons is ever enough without actually handing your children balloons to play with. Play a math game with two balloons.

Hold one balloon and hit the second balloon into the air. How many times can you hit the balloon before it hits the ground. Can you hit it 2, 3, or even 10 times?

Try hitting the balloon back and forth like tennis and count as you go. Challenge your children and see how long you can keep the balloon in the air.

3. Balloon Phonics Game

B is for balloons. The phonics goal is to cement the letter b and the sound /b/ into your child’s brain. First write the letters your child knows onto various balloons, one letter per balloon. Make certain the letter B is included several times!

Pile all the balloons into a laundry basket. Take turns pulling balloons out of the laundry basket and reading the sound written on the balloon. If your child gets the sound correct, they get to keep the balloon. If not, the balloon goes into the laundry basket.

The goal of balloon phonics is simple. Whoever ends the game with the most balloons wins.

As you play, every time the letter B comes up, yell B is for b-b-b-balloon! My kids adore yelling, so yelling B is for b-b-b-balloon every time it appears drills the letter and the sound into their head.

Balloons are a wonderful toy and teaching tool for children. Through playing these games with balloons kids will learn their letter sounds as well as how to count.

What are your favorite balloon games to play with your kids?

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