Tricks for Teaching the Alphabet

Teaching the alphabet to preschoolers doesn’t have to be intimidating. Just use these simple tricks and have fun in the process!

Each one of the alphabet activities for preschoolers featured below will help you introduce or reinforce the alphabet and letter sounds.

You and your preschoolers will have so much fun with these ideas!

Teaching the alphabet to preschoolers doesn't have to be intimidating. Just use these simple tricks and have fun in the process!

Teaching the Alphabet

Sing the Alphabet Song while Washing Hands

Preschoolers don’t care about clean hands. It’s hard to get preschoolers to spend enough time washing their hands to stay healthy. They just want to dash out of the bathroom and back to their play.

But we want them to stay healthy and not leave filthy germs all over the place.

And we need our preschoolers to learn their ABCs.

So connect the two together. Teach your preschooler to sing the alphabet song every time they’re washing their hands. Soon they’ll be spending enough time washing their hands to stay healthy.

And they’ll know their ABCs!

Teach Letter Names and Sounds

Kids quickly learn that a cow says moo, a dog says bow-wow, and a sheep says baa.

So instead of making phonics difficult, teach letter names and sounds the same way. By this I mean to use the same phrasing for letter names and sounds.

For example say, “This is the letter A. A says /a/. This is the letter B. B says /b/.”

Soon your child will learn the name and sound for every letter in the alphabet!

Begin with Vowels

Start phonics with the vowels before you begin the consonants.

This means you’ll teach your preschoolers A, E, I, O, and U first. Remember, you’re teaching the letter names and the letter sounds at the same time.

Take your time. Some kids will learn quickly. Many kids need more time.

It’s not a race.

Once the vowels are mastered, slowly introduce the consonants.

Use Printables

Preschoolers love printables, especially if they have an older brother or sister. They get to do big kid school!

Printables give you a fun way to teach your kids the alphabet. You can repeat each printable several times until your child has mastered it before moving on to the next printable.

And if your child wants to repeat the same worksheet again and again, don’t worry about it.

Your preschooler is learning their alphabet, fine motor control, and having fun!

Alphabet Trace and Color Pages

As you begin to teach the alphabet to your preschoolers, be sure to add some fun worksheets to your activities. This set of alphabet trace and color pages is perfect for working on letter recognition and handwriting while providing a fun coloring activity, as well.

Click the image below, add your email address, and then check your inbox for your download link.

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Be Silly

As you’re teaching your kids the ABCs, remember to be silly. Preschoolers love silly!

So walk around the house pretending to be an A chanting, “/a/ /a/ /a/.”

Dance in the living room singing the ABC song.

Move your body into the shape of the letters. Can you make a T? What about an X?

Play hide and seek and search for various letters around the house together. Every time you find the letter, jump ten times as you shout the letter sound!

Have fun, be silly, and enjoy yourself.

These simple tricks will help your preschooler learn the alphabet. Just remember to take your time. Mastery will come.

What is your favorite method for teaching the alphabet to preschoolers?

Teaching the alphabet to preschoolers doesn't have to be intimidating. Just use these simple tricks and have fun in the process!

Letter Recognition Tools for Your Preschoolers

Learning Resources Goodie Games ABC Cookies | Kids can play one of four alphabet games that teach the alphabet, letter recognition, beginning sounds, CVC word building, and early vocabulary! Playful preschool literacy fun!

Learning Resources Snap-n-Learn Alphabet Alligators | Little ones will match uppercase and lowercase letters as they build their alligators. 

Peaceable Kingdom Alphabet Go-Fish Letter Matching Card Game | Preschoolers will master the alphabet while playing the classic game of Go Fish! with letters instead of numbers. 

Alphabet Slap Jack | Kids will learn upper/lowercase letter recognition and letter sounds while playing a fun card game. 

Alphabet Books for Preschoolers | Reading ABC books is a great way to introduce your kids to letters and learning to read. Here is a great collection of alphabet books for preschoolers!

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