Reindeer Paper Plate Craft

This cute reindeer paper plate craft not only gets kids in the Christmas spirit, but it helps them fine tune their motor skills as they lace the nose. 

Add this fun craft to your Christmas activities this year, and have your preschoolers make a unique Rudolph craft they’ll proudly display all season! 

If you glue a paint stick to the back of the craft, your preschoolers can use it as a puppet as they act out their favorite reindeer stories. 

reindeer-paper-plate-craft Reindeer Paper Plate Craft

Reindeer Paper Plate Craft

I love when a craft also doubles as a skill builder. This paper plate craft does just that. Not only will your little ones be creating a cute reindeer to put on display, but coloring, cutting, and lacing serve as fine motor muscle builders. 

What You’ll Need

• Construction paper: Red and brown

• paper plate

• scissors

• hole punch

• big google eyes

• red yarn

• brown crayon

• school glue

• glue stick

What You’ll Do

Have your preschooler color the entire paper plate with the brown crayon. You can also paint, use a marker or however you’d like to color it.

Cut a big ‘V’ shape from the plate. You will keep the ‘pizza slice’ piece for your reindeer’s face.

Cut two ovals out of the other piece of the plate. These will be the reindeer’s ears.

paper-plate-reindeer-craft Reindeer Paper Plate Craft

Glue the ovals to the plate. Attach the google eyes.

Next cut two antlers from the brown paper & glue them to the back of the plate.

To make the nose, cut a big circle from the red paper. Use the hole punch to make holes along the edges, make sure there’s enough room so the paper doesn’t rip.

reindeer-lacing-craft Reindeer Paper Plate Craft

Weave the red yarn through the holes, making whichever design you desire. Tie the loose ends to the back.

Use the school glue to attach the nose to the face.

christmas-paper-plate-craft Reindeer Paper Plate Craft

The reindeer is ready to light Santa’s sleigh!

Reindeer Books for Kids

Fill your book basket with a great collection of reindeer books for Christmas. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore. If you have a hard time finding them, you can order them on Amazon by clicking the images below.

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