Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Getting ready for a crafting session with your little ones? Got a bunch of paper plates sitting in your pantry? We’ve got a whole lot of ideas for paper plate crafts for kids to kick start your imagination and get you crafting.

From a cute bunch of colorful fish to to a black cat that will twist and twirl in the air. These ideas are so much fun. I’ve also included a list of unit study ideas in case you choose to build a unit around these fun art ideas.

Getting ready for a crafting session with your little ones? We've got a wonderful collection of ideas for paper plate crafts for kids to kick start their imagination and get them crafting in no time.

Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Animals

1. Paper Plate Tropical Fish will add a bright pop of color to your arts and crafts space. And, with summer just around the corner, they’re sure to have everyone dreaming of a beach vacation!

Preschool unit ideas: Letter F, fish, ocean, summer, and animals

2. You don’t have to save this swirly Paper Plate Black Cat for Halloween! It’s great any time of the year.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter C, cat, Halloween, color, and animals

3. DIY Animal Paper Plate Faces are perfect for pretend play or for decorating the kids’ playroom.

Preschool unit ideas: animal and zoo; also great for habitat specific units

4. Paper Plate Koala for a follow-up after your next visit to the zoo. It’s super simple, and even your youngest preschoolers can make one.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter K, Australia, animal, and zoo

5. A simple Paper Plate Groundhog is the perfect addition to your Groundhog Day lessons. It’s so easy even your toddlers can make one.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter G, Groundhog Day, hibernating animals

6. Make up a flock of Paper Plate Birds with your preschoolers. Mix and match the birds in your flock with this tutorial for making geese, parrots, and flamingos.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter B F, G, or P, birds, spring, and animals

7. Whether you’re headed to the beach or just studying the ocean, this Paper Plate Whale makes a great go-along.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter W, ocean, Jonah and the Whale, and animals

8. Looking for a simpler, more independent Paper Plate Bird Craft for your preschoolers to try? Check out this one complete with googly eyes and colorful feathers.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter B, bird, spring, and animals

9. Owl crafts are tons of fun. This Paper Plate Owl Craft goes great with Harry Potter. It’s also appropriate for autumn or your forest theme.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter O, birds, Halloween, autumn, and woodland animals

10. A plate makes a great base for this Paper Plate Turkey Craft with leaf feathers. You can use them as centerpieces on your Thanksgiving table.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter T, birds, autumn, farm animals, and Thanksgiving

11. I think turtles are super cute animals. Turtle crafts are cute, too. Little ones can build strength in their hands as they use craft punches to decorate the “shell” on this Paper Plate Turtle.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter T, ponds, spring, life cycles, and animals

12. Adding brads to this craft results in Paper Plate Vampire Bats with wings that move. Perfect for hanging from the ceiling at Halloween!

Preschool unit ideas: Letters B and V, nocturnal animals, flying creatures, Halloween, and animals

13. This Paper Plate Sheep is super cute. The shredded paper “fleece” adds a unique texture to this fun craft.

Preschool unit ideas: Letters L (lamb) and S, spring, farm animals, Easter, and animals

14. Paper Plate Chicken your kids are going to love.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter C, farm animals, birds, and animals

15. Tots and preschoolers will enjoy whipping up this adorable paper plate Jellyfish. It’s perfect for your study of the ocean or sea creatures.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter J, oceans, summer, and animals

16. Young dinosaur fans will love how simple it is to make this quick and easy paper plate dinosaur.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter D and dinosaurs

17. Hang this Paper Plate Fox outside, and watch it twist and turn in the breeze.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter F, animals, zoo, and forest friends

18. Preschoolers will love making their groundhog pop up through “ground” after making this Groundhog Day paper plate craft.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter G, animals, winter, hibernating animals, and Groundhog Day

19. Read Rainbow Fish to your preschoolers, and let them make a Rainbow Fish paper plate craft of their own.

Preschool unit study: Letter F, ocean, animals, book activities

20. Preschoolers will love making this awesome paper plate lion mask. It’s curly mane will invite kids to roar and prowl as they act out their favorite lion books.

Preschool unit study: Letter L and jungle animals

21. Here’s another fun paper plate jellyfish craft that is the perfect addition to your summer crafting sessions.

Preschool unit study: Letter J, ocean, animals, and summer

22. Add this unique craft to your bird studies this year. This paper plate pelican craft is sure to pique your preschooler’s interest.

Preschool unit study: Letters B and P, birds, pelicans, and oceans

23. These brilliantly colored paper plate pufferfish will look amazing hanging on your wall. Decorate your play room or use them to decorate for a beach-themed birthday party.

Preschool unit study: Letter F, fish, beach, ocean, summer, and pufferfish

24. Sparkly paper plate dinosaurs take dino crafting to the next level!

Preschool unit ideas: Letter D and dinosaurs

25. This elephant in the zoo paper plate craft is super fun, and it incorporates learning about shapes, as well.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter E and Z, zoo, jungle, and elephants

This Thanksgiving, make one of these turkey paper plate crafts for preschoolers. They’ll look great decorating your learning space throughout the holidays!

Preschool Unit Ideas: Letter T, farm animals, turkeys, and Thanksgiving

Getting ready for a crafting session with your little ones? We've got a wonderful collection of ideas for paper plate crafts for kids to kick start their imagination and get them crafting in no time.

Paper Plate Insect and Bug Crafts

1. This Paper Plate Ladybug is the perfect addition to your spring craft time. All you need is a paper plate, tissue paper, and construction paper to make this simple spring craft.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter L, spring, life cycle, and insects/bugs

2. Spring is a great time to make this Paper Plate Life Cycle of a Butterfly Craft to give preschoolers a close up look at the life cycle.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter B or C, life cycle, spring, insects/bugs

3. This Paper Plate Butterfly is super cute with its paper doily wings. This will make a fun spring or Valentine’s Day craft.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter B, spring, summer, life cycle, and bugs/insects

4. You don’t need special supplies to make this Cotton Ball Painted Paper Plate Snail. It’s easy enough for young kids to make on their own.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter S, garden, spring, and bugs

5. Caterpillars are perfect for spring. All you need is a paper plate, some markers or crayons, and a pipe cleaner for the antenna.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter C, spring, life cycles, butterflies, and bugs/insects

6. No matter which one of these paper plate bees you choose, your preschooler will love it! These are perfect for spring and summer crafting sessions.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter B, spring, summer, bees, bugs/insects

Getting ready for a crafting session with your little ones? We've got a wonderful collection of ideas for paper plate crafts for kids to kick start their imagination and get them crafting in no time.

Miscellaneous Paper Plate Crafts

1. This paper plate spaghetti craft is so much fun! It’s inexpensive and will take no time at all for preschoolers to make.

Preschool unit ideas: Letter S and food

2. How about a Watermelon Craft that doubles as a fun fine motor skill builder?

Preschool unit ideas: Letter W, summer, food, fruit/veggie, and watermelon

3. This DIY Paper Plate Scuba Mask makes a great imaginative play prop for the kids or for their favorite stuffed animals.

Preschool unit ideas: Letters O or B, ocean, beach, or a storytelling prop

4. I haven’t seen anything as cute as this Mermaid Paper Plate Collage in a really long time! It’s perfect for summer crafting!

Preschool unit ideas: Letters B, M, and O, ocean, beach, mermaid, and summer

5. Star Wars fans will love making a simple Death Star paper plate craft all on their own! Kids of all ages can give it a try.

Preschool unit studies: Star Wars

6. Teach your little ones about the colors of the rainbow as they create a paper plate rainbow.

Preschool unit studies: Letters R and W, rainbows, weather, spring, and Noah’s Ark

7. You won’t believe how easy it is to turn an ordinary paper plate into a colorful seashell. Make several and string them up to make a lovely summer bunting.

Preschool unit studies: Letters B, O, and S, beach, ocean, and seashells

8. Have this beautiful flower petal suncatcher in your window for a beautiful spring or summer decoration.

Preschool unit studies: Letter F, flowers, spring, and summer

9. A is for apple, and your little ones will love making an apple print wreath from a paper plate. Hang it on the inside of the front door for people to see as they come and go.

Preschool unit studies: Letter A, autumn, fall, apples, and back to school

10. Vroom! Vroom! That’s what your preschoolers will say as they zoom around the room with this easy paper plate car.

Preschool unit studies: Letters C and T, transportation, and cars

11. This paper plate submarine is perfect for your summer crafting sessions. It’s a lot of fun, and your kids will enjoy making it “rock” in the “ocean”.

Preschool unit studies: Letter S and T, submarine, transportation, summer, and ocean

12. You don’t have to wait for Earth Day to make a paper plate Earth craft. It’s perfect for your geography and science lessons, too.

Preschool unit studies: Letter E, Earth, geography, science, and Earth Day

13. These painted paper plate flowers aren’t just crafty. They provide an amazing opportunity for your kids to explore their artistic side.

Preschool unit studies: Letter F, flowers, nature, spring, and summer

14. Is there anything cooler than a glow-in-the-dark craft? How about a glow-in-the-dark paper plate flying saucer! This craft is out of this world!

Preschool unit study: Letter S, space, and science

15. While we’re on the subject of outer space, you and your kids can whip up a paper plate planet spiral. It’s a great opportunity to introduce or review the solar system.

Preschool unit study: Letter S, space, and science

16. I love the idea of turning a paper plate into a playscape that can be used over and over again.

Preschool unit study: Letter A, animals, and habitats

17. Shake! Shake! Shake! That’s what your kids will want to do after they make this paper plate apple shaker!

Preschool unit studies: Letter A, autumn, fall, apples, and back to school

18. I love this Valentine’s Day paper plate craft for kids. It combines motor skill practice with a fun holiday craft that preschoolers will enjoy.

Preschool unit studies: Letter V, Valentine’s Day

19. You don’t want to miss this festive Mardi Gras paper plate craft for kids! Come see how to turn a paper plate into a fun beaded Mardi Gras mask for kids to wear!

Preschool unit studies: Letter M, Mardi Gras, Louisiana, New Orleans

20. Preschoolers can work on fine motor skills as they create this pot o’ gold paper plate craft for kids. It’s the perfect addition to your St. Patrick’s Day activities.

Preschool unit studies: Letter S, Letter G, St. Patrick’s Day

21. Your little crafters will love this St Patricks preschool shamrock craft! They’ll build hand strength and motor skills with this fun lacing craft.

Preschool unit studies: Letter S, St. Patrick’s Day

22. Lacing crafts are great for kids! They will build fine motor skills as they complete this fun Easter egg paper plate craft for kids!

Preschool unit studies: Letter E, Eggs, Easter

23. Create this simple paper plate scarecrow for a cute fall craft for kids. With these step-by-step instructions, this scarecrow craft is so easy to make.

Preschool unit studies: Letter S, autumn, scarecrows

24. This simple donut paper plate craft for kids is so cute! Add it to your food, letter D, or donut book-based preschool activities.

Preschool unit studies: Letter D, food, donuts

25. Don’t miss this amazing collection of spring paper plate crafts! With over 50 paper plate crafts to choose from, you’ll never run out of ideas!

Preschool Units: Letter S, spring

26. This awesome collection of paper plate Thanksgiving crafts includes turkeys, pumpkins, Mayflower ships, and more!

Preschool Units: Letter T, Thanksgiving, autumn

27. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re looking for something fun to do with your little ones, you’ll love this paper plate Valentine craft.

Preschool Units: Letter V, hearts, Valentine’s Day

28. This paper plate pizza craft is perfect for celebrating National Pizza Day on February 9! It’s also great for little ones who love pizza.

Preschool Units: Letter P, food, pizza

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