Preschool Number Worksheets

These preschool number worksheets are perfect for helping little ones work on number recognition, counting, and number words.

Kids will love these preschool math printables! They’re sorted by theme, topic, or season to make it easy to find the perfect addition to your preschool math time.

Having fun printables to add to your math lessons is a good way to reinforce important concepts.

On the list below, you’ll find printable number worksheets that work well in your homeschool preschool or your preschool classroom.

They’re also great for moms who are trying to get their little ones ready for kindergarten this fall.

Preschool Number Worksheets

Number recognition is an integral part of the math foundation necessary to tackle higher level math skills in the upper grades.

Counting and subitizing are important for learning one-to-one correspondence, quick math calculations, and more.

Learning to form the number properly and to spell/read number words is another important skill preschoolers need to work on.

All of these skills, and more, are covered in the math printables below.

Color by Numbers

Color by number worksheets are great for helping young learners work on number recognition and color words.

Animal Number Worksheets

Work on number recognition, number words, and counting to ten with these printable dog-themed preschool number worksheets.

Farm-themed number sense activity pages will help preschoolers recognize and count items from 1 to 10. So much fun for little ones!

Do not miss this adorable birds nest preschool math activity that encourages kids to practice counting to 20.

Our Counting Penguins book will help your preschoolers practice counting, number recognition, and writing numbers through twenty!

Holiday Number Worksheets

These Thanksgiving math pages will help preschool and kindergarten students practice number recognition and counting to 20.

Preschoolers will love working on number sense and counting to ten with this awesome St Patricks Day math Feed the Leprechaun game!

Miscellaneous Number Worksheets

Young learners will work on number recognition, counting, and writing with these flower math activities for preschoolers.

Our winter counting activities will help your preschoolers practice counting, number recognition, and writing numbers through twenty!

That’s it for now! Be sure to check back regularly as this post will be updated often to reflect my newest number worksheets.

If you are looking for something specific, let me know!

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