Dog Preschool Number Worksheets

Work on number recognition, number words, and counting to ten with these printable dog-themed preschool number worksheets.

You can add these preschool math printables to your math centers for a fun way to work on counting to ten.

They work well within your Letter Dd, pets, and dog-specific preschool themes.

Add this set of free preschool printables to your math centers, or bind them into a small math workbook for your little ones to complete.

Preschool Number Worksheets

My daughter has always loved animals of all kinds. So, whenever I could, I added animals to our homeschool lessons. Animals always made our learning time more fun.

If your kids love dogs (my daughter’s favorite animal), they’ll love this math pack. It’s perfect for working on a variety of math skills, and it’s designed for use with kids ages 4-6.

These pages are fun and engaging, and kids will love them.

Preschool Math Activities

If you use themes in your preschool, you’re going to love these puppy-themed math worksheets. You can add them to your pet, dog, or animal themes.

This packet of dog number pages will help your students become more familiar with the numbers 1-10.

Add them to your puppy unit study any time of year.

Preparing the Activities

All of these activity pages are no-prep meaning you can print and use them right away.

Or, you can place the worksheets in a dry erase pocket to make them reusable.

What’s Included in the Pack?

This pack contains ten puppy-themed math worksheets for preschoolers. Each worksheet includes seven different activities – one number per page.


  • printer and printer paper
  • laminator or dry erase pockets
  • pencil or dry erase marker
  • playdough

Using the Worksheets

After printing and preparing the puppy math worksheets, follow the instructions on the pages to complete the activities.

Trace and Write the Number

The first thing preschoolers will do is trace the featured number. There are three numbers to trace, and space to write several more.

Trace and Write the Number Word

Trace the number word twice. Then, have preschoolers write the number word on their own. There’s space to write it two or three times on their own.

Count and Color

There is a row of ten dog bones. Children will count and color bones to represent the featured number.

Color the Puppies

Kids will count the puppies in the set, and then color them.

Playdough Numbers

Kids will use playdough to form the number. The number is outlined on the page, and kids will fill in the outline with dough.

Playdough Sets

Now, kids will use playdough to create a set to represent the feature number. They can make playdough balls, dog bones, or playdough “snakes” to build that number.

Ten Frame

Finally, kids will fill in a ten frame. They can color the spaces, fill them with playdough balls, or write the numbers in the spaces.


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