Preschool Dog Craft

This preschool dog craft is so cute! Kids can use the puppy puppet to act out their favorite dog-themed stories. It’s sure to inspire tons of fun!

As you plan out your D is for dog activities for preschoolers, be sure to add a fun craft or two. This puppet is simple to make. Kids can personalize it to look like their own dogs. And, they’ll love acting out stories and videos with them. 

This dog puppet craft is perfect for National Puppy Day on March 23!

puppy-puppet-1 Preschool Dog Craft

This fun preschool craft helps little ones practice scissor skills as they cut out the pieces for their puppet! Great for building fine motor muscles. 

Preschool Dog Craft

This D is for dog preschool craft is a breeze for little ones to make thanks to the free printable template

What You’ll Need

printable template (linked above)

1 dowel rod or craft stick


scotch tape or glue stick

What You’ll Do

This craft is super simple to create! All you need to do is print out the free template (linked above). 

Then, set out your supplies, and your preschoolers are all set!

Have them cut out the puppy pieces with scissors. This is a great way to help them build fine motor muscles in their hands. 

Next, have them use the finished image at the bottom of the template to assemble their puppies. 

Once the puppy is complete, glue or tape him to a craft stick or dowel rod. 

Now, he’s ready for playtime, storytelling, or whatever fun ideas your preschoolers can come up with! 

Books About Puppies

Fill your book basket with a great collection of books about dogs. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

If you have a hard time finding them, you can order them through my Amazon affiliate links by clicking the images below.

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If You Give a Dog a Donut – If you give a dog a donut, he’ll ask for some apple juice to go with it. When you give him the juice, he’ll drink it all up. Then, before you can say “Woof” . . . Dog is off on a backyard adventure!

Charlie the Ranch Dog – Meet Charlie. He’s a ranch dog. Breakfast is his life, especially when bacon is involved. Charlie has dangly ears, floppy skin, and big fat paws. And he loves living in the country. That’s because he works like a dog…fixing fences, gardening, and helping his family out on the range.

The Poky Little Puppy’s Valentine – Poky loves so many things: his cozy red sweater, watching the beautiful sunrise from his red pillow, and especially his family in their matching red sweaters. 

dog-craft-for-preschoolers Preschool Dog Craft


There are endless possibilities with this Puppy Dog Play Dough Kit! Sensory play and loose parts play rolled into one, this box set gives children a beautiful invitation to create.

Need a fun craft kit for a children’s birthday party activity, party favor, unique gift, preschool project, play date, or just for fun? Try these cute unfinished wood DIY stand up dog toys to decorate with paint. Kids can create and enjoy their own unique toy.

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