Parts of a Bee Preschool Worksheet

This parts of a bee preschool worksheet is the perfect addition to your life cycle, insect, and general bee-themed preschool activities throughout the spring and summer months.

Bees are so much fun to teach. Even though kids may be a little fearful around bees, maybe they will learn to appreciate them when they learn how bees pollinate flowers, how they grow from egg to adult, and how to name the parts of the bee.

Be sure to leave some space in your lesson plans to add this free bee printable and teach your little ones about the anatomy of a bee.

Use these free preschool printables as a fun way to teach kids about the anatomy of a bee within your life cycle of bug unit. 

Key Bee Anatomy

Bees may be tiny, but they are amazing creatures with bodies specially designed for their important jobs! Let’s take a closer look at the main parts of a bee and what they do:

  • Head: This is the bee’s control center! It has eyes for seeing flowers, antennae for smelling and feeling, and a special tongue (called a proboscis) for sipping nectar.
  • Thorax: Think of this like the bee’s backpack. It holds the powerful muscles that make the wings move and the strong legs for walking and carrying pollen.
  • Abdomen: This is the biggest part of the bee’s body. Inside, it holds the bee’s tummy and a special sac to store honey.

Parts of a Bee Worksheet

You can add this free summer printable to your seasonal lesson plans. Because it’s print-and-go, it’s perfect for busy homeschool moms and teachers like you!

All you have to do is print it out, provide your preschooler with a pair of scissors and a glue stick, and you’re ready to go!

Bee Vocabulary for Preschool

Activities that instruct children to label different objects are great for building vocabulary.

You can use labeling worksheets to introduce or reinforce vocabulary words relevant to the theme you’re teaching.

You can also use these types of activities to help little ones become familiar with the written words.

Bee Cut and Paste Activity

When you give kids cut and paste worksheets, you give them an opportunity to practice their scissor skills.

Putting labels in the correct boxes is a good way to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Who knew one little worksheet could provide so many benefits?!?

Bee Body Parts

It’s really easy to make this a reusable activity. First, have your child color the bee on the worksheet. Then, laminate the page. Cut the bottom strip off (the part with the label boxes).

Put a velcro dot on each blank box as well as on the back of each label. Preschoolers can stick the labels on the diagram, and take them off again.

Fun Ways to Use This Printable

Now that you know the benefits of adding this worksheet to your preschool lesson, let’s talk about some other ways you can use it with your little ones.

DIY Beehive Craft

This beehive craft for preschoolers is simply adorable! Fingerprint bees add to the playfulness of this paper craft that’s perfect for spring and summer.

Write a Story About Bees

On the back of the page, let your child write or dictate a story to you about bees. Or, after reading a nonfiction book about bees, they can share their favorite fun fact.

Draw a Bee

Turn the page over, and let your child try to draw a bee on their own. Or, show them how to trace the picture onto another sheet of paper.


Bees are fascinating little creatures that play a big role in our world! Help your preschooler buzz with excitement over these wonderful insects with our selection of bee-themed books for little learners.

From colorful board books to enchanting stories, these books will teach your child about the importance of bees in a fun and engaging way. They might inspire a love of nature and a desire to protect these precious pollinators.

Let’s explore the wonderful world of bees together!

Bee & Me (Old Barn Books)The Honeybee ManThe Life and Times of the Honeybee


 In this wordless picture book, a little girl initially fears a bee that enters her room, but a special friendship soon blossoms. The bee takes her on a magical journey, revealing the wonders of nature and the vital role bees play in our world. With beautiful illustrations and a message of conservation, Bee & Me inspires children to appreciate and protect these important creatures.

In The Honeybee Man, Fred, a quirky and endearing beekeeper, lives in Brooklyn with his rooftop beehives. He lovingly cares for his “darlings,” the bees, and shares their sweet honey with his neighborhood. The book offers a charming glimpse into urban beekeeping and the fascinating honey production process.

The Life and Times of the Honeybee takes young readers on a captivating journey into the world of honeybees. It explores their fascinating life cycle, the intricate workings of their hive society, and the amazing process of how they make honey. This delightful book is filled with fun facts and colorful illustrations to spark a child’s curiosity about these remarkable creatures.

Teaching Resources

This beautiful wooden honey bee puzzle let’s the child explore the wonderful world of honey bees.

You can add some plush bumblebee toys to your imaginative play area for kids to act out their favorite bee stories.

This collection of bee resources is full of my favorite things for teaching preschoolers about bees.

This printable bee craft for preschoolers is so cute! It is super simple to make, and it’s sure to inspire hours of imaginative play.

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