Nonfiction Books About Bees

Preschoolers are sponges ready to soak up new things all the time. Teach them about bees with these nonfiction books about bees.

From learning about the life cycle of a bee to learning how bees pollinate flowers, this collection of preschool bee books is perfect for teaching your preschoolers about this amazing insect!

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These books are full of bright, engaging pictures and easy-to-understand text that make them perfect for young learners.

Be sure to add one or more of these nonfiction preschool books to your bee activities for preschoolers.

Nonfiction Books About Bees

Fill your book basket with bee books for preschool. This list of books is a great place to start.

You can find them at your local library or used book store. Or, you can purchase them on Amazon by clicking the images and/or links below. Enjoy!

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A Bee’s Life – How does a small egg become a buzzing bee? With a graph of a bee’s life cycle, vivid photos, explanatory vocabulary, and informational text, readers are sure to be captivated!

The Bee Book – Explore the secret world of bees: how they live, how they work, how they support each other and their hive.

National Geographic Readers: Bees – What’s that buzzing around? It’s a busy bee! With beautiful, engaging, and authentic photos, and accessible text, kids will learn all about these incredible insects in this level 2 reader.

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Amazing Bees – Learn everything there is know about bees in Amazing Bees! From buzzing to different flowers to being a vital part of the earth’s ecosystem, bees are very busy creatures.

Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book – Through a hole in the book’s cover, a bee is buzzing inside a flower. Peek into this bright and lively book and discover the big ways this little insect contributes to the beauty of the environment, from pollinating colorful flowers to buzzing about the bright and beautiful meadow.

Honey Bees – In this charming picture book, curious little kids will learn all about the bustling world of honeybees and the important role they play in our delicate ecosystem.

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Buzz, Bee! – Bzzz! Learn all about honey bees in the next pre-reader from National Geographic Kids! Through text features such as a vocabulary tree and a wrap-up activity, kids will be introduced to new words and concepts — helping them expand their understanding of the world.

Flight of the Honey Bee – Follow the flight of a honey bee as she searches for nectar to sustain her hive and, along the way, pollinates flowers to produce seeds and fruits.

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Honeybees – Bzzz! Learn all about the life cycle of honeybees, how they make honey, and more. With fun bee facts and bright, realistic artwork, this Station Stop 2 easy reader will fly off bookshelves!

The Honey Makers – With detailed illustrations and diagrams, Gail Gibbons offers a classroom-ready nonfiction picture book that makes complex scientific concepts understandable and entertaining for young readers.

Resources I Love for Bees Activities

I love using felt boards with preschoolers. They love being able to handle manipulatives as they learn. This honey bee life cycle felt board set is a great hands-on tool for little ones.

I purchased a plastic life cycle of a bee model to use as I teach about bees. It has a figure for each of the four stages of the life cycle.

These nonfiction preschool books about bees should help you spark your young learner’s interest. Which one will you read first?

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