Life Cycle of a Bird

Teach little ones how birds grow with these life cycle of a bird worksheets. Add this pack to your spring lesson plans.

Life cycle activities are important for teaching preschoolers how things grow. With spring just around the corner, it’s a great time to start planning some activities that teach about birds and how they grow from egg to adult.

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This spring and summer, plan to spend time adding bird activities for preschoolers to your learning time.

The activities in this bundle will help by focusing in the states of the bird life cycle.

Life Cycle of a Bird for Kids

Students will enjoy a mixture of life cycle worksheets and hands-on activities designed for kids ages 4-7.

The activities in this bundle are designed to introduce preschoolers to the life cycle of a bird with vocabulary practice, sequencing activities, and hands-on fun!

Most of the activities in this set are print-and-go. There are a few that require a little advanced prepwork, but those don’t take long to prepare.

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What is the Life Cycle of a Bird?

My favorite part of spring is discovering a new bird’s nest in a tree in our yard. In the past few years, we’ve had both robins and doves build nests in nearby trees.

I love watching the adult birds gather materials to build their nests. Finding eggs in the nest is always a great surprise. But, of course, the best part is finding the hatchlings!

You can start teaching the life cycle of a bird with the life cycle diagram included in this pack. It includes images of all four stages of a birds life cycle – from egg to adult.

BIRDLCPrintables3 Life Cycle of a Bird

Birds Life Cycle for Kids

This bundle of activities includes twenty activities designed for kids ages 4-6. You’ll find life cycle worksheets and hands-on activities. This pack is perfect for spring and summer lessons.

After introducing the life cycle diagram, you can reinforce vocabulary with a variety of worksheets.

The life cycle of a bird coloring book includes four pages – one for each stage. Kids can color the picture and trace the word at the bottom of the page. Then, bind the pages together to create a life cycle book.

There are four puzzles designed to help children match the vocabulary word to a picture of each stage of the life cycle.

You can print these on colored paper and laminate for durability. Or, you can have children color the pictures themselves before laminating and cutting apart the puzzles.

birdLCPRINTABLES2 Life Cycle of a Bird

Another of the vocabulary worksheets has kids trace the vocabulary words before drawing a line to match the words to the pictures.

There’s a little mini-book kids can create that features the sight words “i”, “see”, and “a”. Then, kids will write the vocabulary words on the line before stapling the pages together to form a small book to read.

The final vocabulary building page has preschoolers cut and paste labels on the correct picture in a life cycle diagram.

Bird Life Cycle Printable

Once your preschoolers are familiar with the vocabulary, you can start working on the sequence of the life cycle of a bird.

Bring back the life cycle diagram. Remind children of the order of the life cycle stages – egg, hatching, chick, and adult.

There are quite a few activities included in this bundle to help solidify the sequence in your child’s mind.

Remember that coloring book I mentioned above, after kids color the pages see if they can put the pages in order before you staple them together.

Have the color the sequencing discs and putting them in order on the bird life cycle sequencing hat. They can then share the sequence with someone else.

birdLCHAT1-2 Life Cycle of a Bird

In addition to the sequencing hat, this set includes a sequencing necklace. Kids can color the pictures, and then string them together with yarn to wear around their neck.

Kids can cut and paste sequencing pictures to complete each sequencing pattern on the “which is next” worksheets.

There’s another cut and paste page which has children cut out life cycle cards and paste them in order on a numbered life cycle worksheet.

Or, kids can cut out numbers and glue them in the correct box on a mixed-up sequencing page.

This pack also includes a spinner, a slider, a spinning top, and more!

BIRDLCSPINNER1-2 Life Cycle of a Bird


Fill your book basket with a great collection of bird books for preschool. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

If you have a hard time finding them, you can order them through my Amazon affiliate links by clicking the images below.

51eoyJL5VYL Life Cycle of a Bird51frLnlEyoL Life Cycle of a Bird51bSdPMiKoL Life Cycle of a Bird


Hello, World! Birds  This book teaches toddlers and preschoolers all about our feathered friends—with colors, shapes, sizes, and super-simple facts. 

National Geographic Kids: Birds – In this engaging board book, young readers will meet birds of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Look and Learn books introduce the subject on one spread and then show it in real-life context on the next, using simple, age-appropriate language paired with colorful photos.

Tiny Bird: A Hummingbird’s Amazing Journey – This inspiring migratory and life cycle story celebrates the important and impressive feat of a small but mighty creature.

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The perfect addition to our Spring time Learning Table, these Counting Eggs add a pop of color as well as a little something to find, count, sort, and explore imaginative thinking with. 

These beautiful made wooden Birds Memory Game for children to learn about the world around them and make connections with the things they see in their daily life. And chances are, they’ve seen a bird flying overhead! A bird theme is also great as it encourages you to step outside and right into nature.

Bird Life Cycle Printables

When you use these life cycle worksheets with your preschoolers, they will learn about the stages of a bird’s life while strengthening their knowledge of birds, practicing sequencing, and strengthening vocabulary and motor skills.

Get your Life Cycle of a Bird printables in the shop here.

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