Counting Fish Worksheet for Preschool

We’re so excited to share our brand new counting fish worksheet for preschool. This resource is part of our collection of free preschool printables designed to make learning an adventure for your preschooler.

Embarking on this underwater counting voyage, your preschoolers will not only hone their counting skills but also immerse themselves in the vibrant world beneath the waves, meeting friendly fish of all colors and sizes.

Now, you might wonder, why fish? Well, apart from their captivating colors and forms, fish lead our tiny explorers into a world of numbers and quantities seamlessly, making learning as natural as swimming is to them.

This worksheet isn’t just about counting; it’s a springboard into conversations about the ocean, marine life, and even conservation. Our goal is to not only provide practical tools like this worksheet but to also encourage stories and dialogues that tie learning to real-world wonders.

These counting pages for preschool offer your little ones a fun way to explore new concepts. The activities are designed to be engaging and interactive, ensuring that your child will love learning and developing their math skills.

These activity sheets are perfect for preschool and kindergarten children. They are simple to prepare – just download, print, and you’re ready to go.

Fish Counting Worksheet for Preschool

In this free set of math printables, you’ll receive activities that focus on the following skills:

  • counting sets to ten
  • writing numbers to ten

Both pages in this activity pack ask children to count sets of fish and write the number in the box. This is a great activity for little ones who are practicing their counting and handwriting skills.

These worksheets not only make learning fun and engaging but also help children develop their fine motor skills. It’s a win-win for both parents and teachers!

What age group are these counting worksheets designed for?

Our counting fish worksheets are specially designed for preschoolers, typically around the ages of 3 to 5 years old. This range is when children begin to grasp basic counting and are starting to recognize numbers. These worksheets aim to support their development by making these foundational math concepts approachable and fun, ensuring they have a solid start on their educational journey.

We understand that every child’s development pace is unique, and that’s why these activities can be a great tool even for early kindergarteners who might need a little more practice with their numbers. Whether it’s at home or in the classroom, parents and teachers can use these worksheets to encourage a love for learning and exploration, making each counting adventure one filled with joy and discovery.

Fish Activities for Preschoolers

Dive into a sea of creativity and learning with our fish-themed activities for preschoolers! This section is bubbling over with imaginative play and educational tasks that are perfect for engaging your little ones.

From crafty projects that awaken their inner artist to playful games that teach them about the wonders of marine life, each activity is designed to spark curiosity and foster a love for the ocean’s mysteries.

Whether you’re a parent looking for weekend projects or a teacher sourcing inspirational classroom ideas, these fish activities promise heaps of learning fun. Get ready to make a splash in the mesmerizing world of ocean exploration!

Fish Facts for Kids

Get ready to swim through fascinating tidbits as we explore some cool and interesting fish facts tailored just for little learners!

  • Fish come in various shapes and sizes, thriving in diverse environments.
  • The smallest fish is the Paedocypris, measuring only 7.9 mm, smaller than a pencil eraser.
  • The largest fish, the whale shark, can reach up to 60 feet in length, longer than a school bus.
  • Fish breathe underwater using gills and communicate through sounds inaudible to us.
  • Clownfish, like Nemo, form symbiotic relationships with anemones in the ocean.
  • Fish possess a unique sense called the lateral line, aiding in detecting movement and vibration in water.
  • A group of fish is known as a school, swimming together for protection against predators.
  • Understanding fish facts can spark curiosity about marine life and ocean conservation.

Kids Movies About Fish

Dive into the world of underwater adventures with our selection of engaging kids movies about fish that promise to captivate and educate your little ones!

The ReefThe ReefFinding NemoFinding NemoShark TaleShark Tale


The Reef – After facing a tremendous loss, Pi, a spirited young fish, finds a new home with his family amidst the vibrant life of the Reef. It’s here that Pi encounters his soulmate, only to discover she’s already caught the eye of a menacing bully shark. Emboldened by fate, Pi sets out on an unforgettable adventure to protect his love and bring peace to the Reef, proving courage can make waves in even the deepest waters.

Finding Nemo – Nemo, a daring little clownfish from the vast and colorful Great Barrier Reef, finds himself whisked away to an aquarium in a dentist’s office, far from home. In an epic adventure to bring Nemo back, his cautious father Marlin and the amiable, albeit forgetful, fish Dory set out on an unforgettable journey. Together, they remind us of the strength of family bonds and the power of friendship, no matter the distance or challenge.

Shark Tale – In this animated adventure, a little fish tells a big fib and accidentally earns himself the title of “shark slayer.” His newfound fame brings him more than he bargained for, and he soon finds himself navigating the dangerous waters of his tall tale, risking ending up in over his head. It’s a heartwarming story about the importance of honesty and the power of true bravery, perfect for preschoolers and their families.

Fish in the Shop

Discover some fun in the shop designed to bring the captivating world of fish and the ocean right into the hands of your little explorer!

Ocean Color by NumberOcean Color by NumberFish ShapesFish ShapesOcean Count and GraphOcean Count and Graph


Each worksheet, craft idea, and fact shared above is designed with the dual purpose of educating and entertaining, ensuring that your little ones not only learn but also fall in love with the process.

Whether you’re counting fish, watching movies, or exploring the vast ocean through books and discussions, the goal is to cultivate a lifelong love for learning and discovery.

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