Life Cycle of a Bird for Kids

As we head into spring, take some time to teach the life cycle of a bird for kids. This pack includes four hands-on activities for preschoolers.

If you’re looking for life cycle activities to do with your preschoolers this spring, be sure to carve out some time to study birds.

Kids are fascinated by birds nests and cracked egg shells. If you’re lucky enough to sneak a peek at the baby birds before they fly away, it’s an image kids will remember for a long time.

Capitalize on that fascination with this life cycle worksheet pack that is perfect for kids ages 4-6.

Add these free spring printables to your seasonal activities and plans. These worksheets work well in your Letter Bb, bird, or general spring lesson plans.

Life Cycle of a Bird for Kids

You don’t want to miss this mini-pack designed to teach preschoolers about the life cycle of a bird.

There are four worksheets included in this pack that each focus on a different skill.

Bird Life Cycle Puzzles

The first worksheet in this pack contains four self-correcting puzzles. I like to print these puzzles on colored paper before laminating them for durability.

Once the page is laminated, cut out the four puzzles and then cut the puzzles apart.

Have children match the picture with the correct life cycle vocabulary word.

Even if your child can’t read yet, they can complete these puzzles as each one is different.

If your kids need more scissor practice, let them do the cutting. They’ll strengthen visual discrimination skills as they decide which pieces fit together.

Bird Life Cycle Sequencing

Preschoolers can work on sequencing with the “Which is Next?” worksheet.

I print this one on colored paper, too. However, you can print this on white paper if your kids want to color the images.

Preschoolers will cut out the pictures at the bottom of the page. Then, they’ll glue them in the correct box to finish each sequencing strip on the page.

You can make this a reusable activity by laminating the page and adding velcro dots to the sequencing strips and cards.

Life Cycle of a Bird Vocabulary

The next page in this pack has several different learning components. First, kids will see the sequence of the life cycle in the pictures on the left side of the page.

Second, they’ll review the vocabulary words as they read them down the right side of the page.

Third, kids will practice handwriting as they trace each of the vocabulary word on the right side of the page.

Then, work on motor skills as they draw a line to match the picture with the vocabulary word.

You can laminate this page and have kids write with dry erase markers, if you would like to make this reusable.

Bird Maze

The final page in this worksheet packet is a maze. Kids will help the bird find her way out of the maze.

This activity is a great way to help kids strengthen logical reasoning skills as they trace a path from beginning to end.

This activity can also be laminated or slipped into a plastic pouch and completed with a dry erase marker.


Fill your book basket with a great collection of bird books for preschool. Most of these books can be found at your local library or used bookstore.

If you have a hard time finding them, you can order them through my Amazon affiliate links by clicking the images below.

Hello, World! BirdsNational Geographic Kids Look and Learn: Birds (Look & Learn)Tiny Bird: A Hummingbird's Amazing Journey


Hello, World! Birds  This book teaches toddlers and preschoolers all about our feathered friends—with colors, shapes, sizes, and super-simple facts. 

National Geographic Kids: Birds – In this engaging board book, young readers will meet birds of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Look and Learn books introduce the subject on one spread and then show it in real-life context on the next, using simple, age-appropriate language paired with colorful photos.

Tiny Bird: A Hummingbird’s Amazing Journey – This inspiring migratory and life cycle story celebrates the important and impressive feat of a small but mighty creature.


The perfect addition to our Spring time Learning Table, these Counting Eggs add a pop of color as well as a little something to find, count, sort, and explore imaginative thinking with. 

These beautiful made wooden Birds Memory Game for children to learn about the world around them and make connections with the things they see in their daily life. And chances are, they’ve seen a bird flying overhead! A bird theme is also great as it encourages you to step outside and right into nature.

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