Letter D Dinosaur Craft for Preschoolers

Add this letter D dinosaur craft to your dinosaur themed activities. It’s also a great addition to your Letter of the Week activities, as well. 

Letter crafts are so much fun and a great way to focus on letter recognition and letter sounds with your preschoolers.

And, this dinosaur craft is perfect for preschoolers studying the letter D or dinosaurs in general.

Add it to your dinosaur activities for preschool, and your dinosaur fans will go wild!

Letter crafts are a great way to reinforce letter recognition and sounds with preschoolers. Be sure to add this to your Letter D and/or dinosaur activities. 

How does this craft strengthen fine motor skills?

Crafts like this one not only feed the imagination, but also contribute significantly to the development of fine motor skills in preschool children. 

Activities such as cutting out paper shapes, pasting them onto paper, and coloring or painting the figures require control, precision, and coordination. 

These tasks stimulate the small muscles in a child’s hands and fingers, thereby enhancing their fine motor skills. 

Over time, these skills can improve handwriting, buttoning clothes, and other tasks requiring a delicate touch. 

Crafts also promote creativity, hand-eye coordination, and concentration, all crucial skills for successful learning in the future.

Letter D Dinosaur Craft

This dinosaur paper craft will look great on display with your other Letter of the Week or dinosaur crafts

What You’ll Need

  • D is for Dinosaur template
  • colored paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • crayons

What You’ll Do

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make this little dinosaur!

Start by printing out the D is for Dinosaur craft template. If you want your kids to color the project, print the template on white paper. If they don’t enjoy coloring, you can print the template on colored paper. Use several colored pages if they want a colorful dinosaur. 

Have your child cut out the template pieces. Glue the Letter D onto a sheet of construction paper. Then, add the head shape, tail, legs, and spikes to form a dinosaur shape. 

Take time to discuss the formation of the letter D and its beginning sound. Can your preschooler name other things that begin with the letter D?

Once the dinosaur is fully assembled, let your preschoolers decorate their dinosaur with crayons, markers, paint, or dot markers. Let them be as creative as they want as they create a one-of-a-kind dinosaur of their own.

Preschool Books About Dinosaurs

Introducing your preschooler to the fascinating world of dinosaurs can be an exciting journey. We’ve curated a selection of dinosaur-themed books, suitable for their age and understanding. 

Each book has been chosen to stimulate their imagination, encourage curiosity, and most importantly, create a love for learning. Let’s embark on this prehistoric adventure together!

How to Catch a Dinosaur – Do YOU have what it takes to catch a prehistoric pal?

How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday? – All little dinosaurs love to get presents, and this new board book will be an immediate favorite. From birthday hats to Ceratosaurus-sized cakes, America’s young readers will laugh out loud as the celebration moves from “bad” birthday behavior to just the right amount of silliness and sharing. 

What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night: A Very Messy Adventure – You might have noticed weird things happening in your house. Unexplainable messes. Food all over the kitchen floor. Who could the culprits be? Dinosaurs!

Letter D Activities for Preschoolers

The letter ‘D’ is not just another letter of the alphabet, but a gateway to a world full of exciting things, especially for preschoolers.

In this section, we introduce a series of fun and educational activities revolving around the letter ‘D.’ 

Dinosaur Craft: Creating a dinosaur out of construction paper not only helps children recognize and remember the letter ‘D,’ but also boosts their creativity and fine motor skills.

Drumming Session: Get your little ones to play a drum using household items. It’s a great way to tie in the letter ‘D’ with sound and rhythm.

Duck Racing Game: Organize a fun duck racing game. Use rubber ducks in a small pool and let the kids have fun while learning about the letter ‘D.’

Doughnut Decoration: Plan a doughnut decoration day. Kids can enhance their culinary skills by decorating doughnuts, another fun way to connect with the letter ‘D.’

Letter D Scavenger Hunt: This engaging activity takes learning outdoors, encouraging children to find and identify objects that start with the letter ‘D’, such as daisies, ducks, and doors, making their education both fun and memorable.

These activities aim to create an interactive learning environment where kids can explore the letter ‘D’ in various fun ways. It’s all about making learning an adventure rather than a chore!

Dinosaur Activities for Preschoolers

Get ready for a roaring good time! This section is dedicated to our prehistoric friends – the dinosaurs.

These activities are designed to not only entertain your preschoolers but also to enhance their knowledge and fascination for these formidable creatures that once walked our earth.

While we dive into the world of dinosaurs, we keep a keen focus on the learning aspect, ensuring your little ones absorb new lessons in the most delightful way possible. 

Dinosaur Sensory Bin: Experience the thrill of paleontology with a Dinosaur Sensory Bin! This hands-on activity encapsulates the mysterious prehistoric era, featuring a variety of textures and dinosaur-themed elements, allowing your kids to dig, explore, and learn in a fun, tactile way.

Dinosaur Handprint Art: Get ready to dive into prehistoric times with a Dinosaur Handprint Art project! This delightful activity lets your children express their creativity while making unique dinosaur art with their own handprints, transforming a simple afternoon into an imaginative journey back in time.


Dinosaur Egg Excavation Kit – Dinosaur Egg Excavation Set came with 12 eggs and each one had a different dinosaur to dig out. The information card for each dinosaur that gives details information explaining details about the dinosaur. 

Crocheted Dinosaur Toys – These handmade dinosaur plush toys are perfect for pretend play and storytelling!

Dinosaurs Preschool Cutting Practice – These cutting practice pages are perfect for helping your preschoolers work on fine motor skills.

And there you have it! A comprehensive list of activities that not only keeps your preschoolers engaged but also fuels their learning journey.

Remember, it’s not just about the letter ‘D’ or the dinosaurs; it’s about creating a vibrant learning environment that tickles their curiosity and makes grasping new concepts a joy.

Keep the adventure alive, and stay tuned for more exciting, educational, and enjoyable activities.

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