June Preschool Activity Calendar

Be sure to download this month’s preschool activity calendar! You and your preschoolers can celebrate all of June’s special days with hands-on activities, books, and preschool printables.

June is full of all kinds of special days that are sure to excite your toddlers and preschoolers. Today, I’m sharing a brand new edition of my preschool activity calendar that will help you get preschoolers ready for summer and all the fun that summer holds.

Throughout the month of June, you and your preschoolers will explore the holidays, read some amazing books, complete some fun summer crafts, and more!

Preschool Activity Calendar: June

Print out this month’s preschool activity calendar. Hang it on your fridge so you don’t miss a day. Each day, check the calendar to see what that day’s activity is.

If there isn’t an activity listed for the day, have your child choose a fun summer activity to do.

This month, celebrate each special day with these fun activities:

June 1 – Read If You Give a Dog a Donut in honor of National Doughnut Day. Then, you can have your kids practice letter matching before having them make a fun puffy paint donut craft.

June 4 – Today is Hug Your Cat Day. read The Little Kitten with your little ones. Then, let your preschoolers complete one or more of these C is for Cat preschool printables.

June 5 – In honor of Hot Air Balloon Day, read Hot Air: The (Mostly) True Story of the First Hot-Air Balloon Ride. Afterward, your preschoolers will enjoy making their own spinning 3D hot air balloon craft.

June 6 – Today is National Yo-Yo Day. Share Yo-Yo Maker: Pedro Flores with your kids to introduce them to the man who developed the yo-yo. Here’s a fun cupcake liner yo-yo craft your preschoolers can make.

June 7 – If your kids are curious about all things ice cream, read Curious About Ice CreamThen, enjoy a big scoop in honor of National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Add a little ice cream fun to your literacy center with this Ice Cream Build-a-Word-Family Game.

June 8 Frog and Toad are Friends. Best friends. Read about them today as you celebrate Best Friends Day. If you want to read more about friends and friendship, here are 18 picture books about friendship to choose from.

June 9 – Today is Donald Duck Day. Pick your favorite Donald Duck picture book, and then let your preschoolers complete this D is for Donald Duck Find the Letter Printable.

June 12 – Today is Red Rose Day. Introduce your kids to the Queen of Hearts and her rose garden in Alice in WonderlandThen, let your kids paint a bouquet of roses with watercolor paints.

June 13 – In honor of Weed Your Garden Day, read From the Garden: A Counting Book About Growing FoodThen, head outside to weed your own garden. Don’t have a garden? Discover 22 ideas you and your preschoolers can use to start a garden this summer.

June 14 – Today is Flag Day. Read one or more of these patriotic picture books, and then let your preschoolers build fine motor skills as they make this do-a-dot American flag.

June 15 – Today is Smile Power Day. Encourage your kids to smile at five people today. Read Smile, Pout-Pout FishThen, let your kids cut up old magazines and make a smile collage.

June 17 – Today is Father’s Day! Show Dad how much he’s loved by making a fun Father’s Day Card or Father’s Day craft.

June 18 – Read Edison’s Tackle Box today. Then, take your preschoolers fishing in honor of Go Fishing Day. If you can’t really go fishing, set up this fishing for letters activity in your living room or preschool.

June 20 – In honor of National Bald Eagle Day, read The Eagles Are Back about a young boy who helps in the hatching of an eaglet. Then, let your preschoolers make a toilet paper tube bald eagle to display.

Be sure to download this month's preschool activity calendar! You and your preschoolers can celebrate all of June’s special days with hands-on activities, books, and preschool printables.

June 21 – Today is the first day of summer! Happy Summer Solstice to you! Help your kids learn more about the longest day of the year by reading The Longest DayCelebrate the day with any one of these outdoor activities for kids.

June 23 – Today is National Pink Day! It wouldn’t be complete without reading Pinkalicious with your preschoolers. Afterward, they can make an adorable Pinkalicious coffee filter flower craft.

June 24 – Today is Swim a Lap Day. Read Froggy Learns to Swim to your preschoolers today, and then let your little ones create their own paper plate scuba mask. They can wear it or dress up their favorite stuffed animal for pretend play. Of course, if you can head to the pool to swim laps, that’d be awesome!

June 25 – Introduce your little ones to Laura Ingalls in honor of Log Cabin Day. Read A Little Prairie House and encourage kids to design and build their own pretzel log cabin.

June 26 – Celebrate National Canoe Day today. Read One-Dog Canoe with your preschoolers.

June 27 – Today is Sun Glasses Day. Read Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses. Afterward, have your preschoolers design a pair of magic sunglasses of their own.

June 28 – Celebrate Paul Bunyan Day with a picture book featuring Paul Bunyan himself. Then, have kids make this simple Babe the Blue Ox toilet paper roll craft.

June 29 – Read Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the Rud in honor of International Mud Day. Then choose one of these fun messy play mud activities to do with your kiddos today!

June 30 – Today is National Meteor Day. Read Mousetronaut: Based on a (Partially) True Story. When you’re done, have your preschoolers gather smooth stones so they can paint a set of space rock fridge magnets.

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June Activities for Preschoolers

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