C is for Cat Preschool Printables

Download this fun pack of C is for Cat preschool printables. Add them to your Letter of the Week or pet-themed preschool lessons.

These free preschool printables are a great way to have your preschoolers work on handwriting, tracing lines, counting to ten, and more. They are appropriate any time of year.

Are you studying cats with your preschoolers, or are you in the midst of a general pet-themed unit? Maybe you’re just looking for an activity to add to your Letter of the Week Cc lessons.

No matter… you don’t want to miss these animal activities for preschoolers.

C is for Cat Preschool Printables

This mini printable pack is full of fun, hands-on learning for preschoolers. Kids ages 4-6 will enjoy the activity pages in this printable learning pack.

Inside this freebie, you’ll find the following activities that are perfect for your preschool:

• Color and Trace: Children will color the picture and trace the word at the bottom of the page.

• Handwriting: Trace the letters and words on the page. Then, color the picture of the cat.

• Tracing: Children will trace the line to help the cat find her food bowl.

• Tracing : Children will trace the outline of a cat, and then they’ll color it.

• Dot Marker Page: Use dot markers to fill in the circles before coloring the rest of the picture.

• Scissor Practice: Kids will cut out the cat on the dotted line.

• Trace the Lines: Trace the lines from left to right. This is great for practicing left to right progression as a pre-reading skill.

• Matching: Draw a line to match the pictures.

• Counting: Count the penguins on the icebergs, and circle the correct numbers.


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Teaching Resources

The wooden cat puzzle consists of 13 cats of different sizes and 1 fish. With the help of hints in the background, even a little kid will be able to assemble a puzzle.

This cute cats wooden memory game helps to improve memory and visual perception, and trains attention and perseverance.

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