12 Delightful Horse Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Add one or more of these horse crafts to your letter of the week, farm, horse, or animal preschool themes. Perfect for preschoolers and young crafters!

With items you’ve likely got in your craft closet already, your preschoolers can make handprint horses, hobby horses, horse puppets, and more.

The hardest part about the crafts on this list is deciding which one to do first.

12 Delightful Horse Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Which of these horse crafts will you and your preschoolers try first?

This H is for Horse craft is the perfect addition to your letter of the week activities. Or, add it to your wild west, horse, or cowboy preschool themes! Do you have a little one who is learning to write their letters? These printable alphabet writing cards are great for on-the-go handwriting practice! Have a horse crazy child in the house? One who begs for riding lessons or asks Santa for a pony every Christmas? These childrens horse books are for you!

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